About Us

Classics and Archaeology is the study of the Greek and Roman worlds as we know them through art and archaeology, history, languages (Ancient Greek and Latin), literature, and mythology. We offer an exciting, interdisciplinary program led by award-winning teachers and researchers, in a department focused on supporting student success.

Our Classics program places a strong emphasis on understanding the Greek and Roman worlds through experiential learning. This can include recreating ancient artifacts with 3D printing, participating in a student conference, or curating an exhibit with our Cypriote Museum collection. Students can also earn credit through public-facing independent projects (Engaged Leadership in Classics), and travel in the Mediterranean as part of a study tour or archaeological excavation.

Every year we offer opportunities for course credit through travel in the Mediterranean. These experiential courses are taught by professors within the department who accompany their students abroad. The Archaeological Practicum focuses on training students in archaeological and conservation skills. Study Tours in Mediterranean Lands are centered on improving students’ cultural fluency and deepening their historical awareness. We offer numerous scholarships, bursaries and awards to help with financing student travel.

The Department of Classics and Archaeology offers more than a degree – we provide a community where students connect with each other through departmental life centered on encouraging student well-being and promoting student success. Student involvement in the department is strong and friendly. The Brock University Archaeological Society (BUAS), a student-run organization for all students of Classics and Archaeology, organises social events such as movie nights, barbeques, toga-bowling, and open-mic readings of favourite passages from ancient literature.

In addition to its academic program, the department is also host to the Archaeological Institute of America (Niagara Peninsula Society), where students and the public can learn about recent discoveries in archaeology and current issues in cultural heritage management through free lectures. The department also participates in the Ontario Student Classics Conference (OSCC), a competitive gathering of several hundred Ontario high school students and teachers devoted to promoting the study of Classics and Archaeology. Events include chariot races, contests in Latin and Greek, and numerous artistic displays including sculptures, models, and mosaics.

We hope to see you in our classes or at any of our many events over the course of the year!