About us

Classics is the study of the Greek and Roman worlds as we know them through art and archaeology, history, languages (Greek and Latin), literature, and mythology. To study the classics is to enter an exciting, interdisciplinary program.

We place strong emphasis on experiencing the Greek and Roman worlds by promoting active travel to the Mediterranean, either for study tours (for course credit) or by participating in archaeological excavations. These courses are taught by Brock Classics professors who travel with the students.

We offer an Archaeological Practicum — well regarded in the discipline – that runs every even-numbered year (2018, 2020 and so on) [due to COVID19, the archaeological practica for 2020 were cancelled and rescheduled for 2021]. Study Tours in Mediterranean Lands run every odd-numbered year (2017, 2019, and so on). Bursaries and scholarships (such as the Trine Varcoe Memorial Award) enable students to participate in Brock Classics courses abroad. The Archaeological Institute of America (Niagara Peninsula Society) is housed in the department and is very active, bringing seven or eight speakers to the University each academic year for free, public lectures. It also hosts social events where local members, visiting speakers, faculty, and students interact.

Classics at Brock is more than a degree: it is also a community. Student involvement in the department is strong and highly valued. The Brock University Archaeological Society (BUAS) is a student-run organization for all students of Classics. Each year, BUAS hosts two symposia (conferences): a symposium in the fall in which undergraduate students present their own work, and one in the spring featuring scholars from across North America. These symposia are characterized by the quality of the programs and their liveliness, but especially by the tradition of being entirely planned, organized and staffed by the student members. Students have also been involved in other activities including social events such as movie nights and barbeques, and administering an outreach program dedicated to introducing primary and secondary students to the field of archaeology.

Each May, the Department also participates in the Ontario Student Classics Conference (OSCC), a competitive gathering of several hundred Ontario high school students and teachers devoted to promoting the study of Classics. Events include chariot races, contests in Latin and Greek, and numerous artistic displays including sculptures, models, and mosaics. Brock University has been the host institution for the OSCC for over a dozen years.

We hope to see you in our classes or at any of our many events over the course of the year!