Engaged Leadership in Classics

CLAS 3P98: Engaged Leadership in Classics I and CLAS 3P99: Engaged Leadership in Classics II are new courses starting in Fall/Winter 2022-2023.

Engaged Leadership in Classics is a new initiative, developed in collaboration with students and faculty, that enables Classics students in their 3rd or 4th Year of study to earn up credit by developing and implementing an independent project focused on Classics. Projects are expected to have a public-facing element that engages with the wider community at Brock or within the Niagara Region (e.g., leading a workshop in a local library, organising a conference, or designing a module for an after-school enrichment program). Projects can be undertaken on an individual or group basis and scheduled for the Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer terms. See guidelines and application forms for more details.

Course Guidelines