R. Angus K. Smith

Associate Professor, Greek Archaeology

Department Chair
BA (Dartmouth), MPhil (Cambridge), MA, PhD (Bryn Mawr)

Phone: 905 688 5550 x3798
Fax: 905 984 4589
Email: rsmith@brocku.ca

Dr. Smith’s research interests focus on issues of mortuary archaeology, ceramic analysis, and issues of identity in the Bronze Age Aegean. He is currently an associate director of excavations at the Minoan town of Gournia on Crete and co-directing the publication of excavations at the Mycenaean cemetery of Ayia Sotira near Ancient Nemea. He has published on the pottery and society of the Late Minoan III cemetery and settlement at Mochlos on Crete, as well as the cemetery at Ayia Sotira in Nemea.

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2016. “Death on the Isthmus: Late Minoan III Tombs of the Mirabello Bay and Ierapetra Areas.” Paper presented at Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

2016. “Death in a Minoan Town: Mortuary Rituals at Bronze Age Gournia.” Paper for the Brock University Archaeological Society’s 27th Annual Symposium, Brock University.

2016. “Breaking Ground: Foundation Feasts in the Minoan Palace at Gournia, Crete.” Paper for the Ottawa Chapter of the Friends of the Canadian Institute in, the Ottawa Society of the American Institute of Archaeology, and the Canadian Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa.

President, Canadian Institute in Greece

President, Niagara Peninsula Chapter, Archaeological Institute of America

Brock University Representative to the Managing Committee, American School of Classical Studies at Athens