Departmental Life

Our department life is actively student-centered and focused on creating connections between student peers and between undergraduates, graduates, and faculty.

In addition to student resources, we provide space for study and quiet relaxation in the Undergraduate Lounge and Graduate Office. A private consultation room is available for one-on-one meetings with Peer Mentors and Teaching Assistants. Students also have supervised access to the Departmental Workroom, the Archaeology Lab, and the Cypriote Museum. The Departmental Workroom houses a non-lending library with a complete set of Loebs and other essential research texts. It is used for departmental meetings, meetings of the BUAS Executive, the Research Seminar Series, and Mensa Latina Latin language group. Skills-based training and workshops are held in the Archaeology Lab, and two display cases are regularly updated with exhibitions curated by students using the Cypriote Museum’s collection. If you would like to tour the department you can make a request using this online form.

We encourage a reciprocal dynamic of communication between students and the department via our Town Hall, and community outreach through our Engaged Leadership in Classics credit.

The Department of Classics and Archaeology also hosts three social events each year:

  • Fall Open House: Meet your cohort and other students in the department, get to know the faculty, and learn about what’s ahead for the coming year.
  • Saturnalia: Celebrate the winter holidays with games and refreshments, Roman style!
  • Floralia: Recognise student achievement, celebrate our soon-to-be graduates, and meet returning alumni.