The Department of Classics is located in the International Centre Building on John Macdonell Street (between the 573 Glenridge Building and Quarryview Residence). Come visit us on the third floor and see artifacts on display from Brock’s Cypriote Museum!

Classics is the study of the ancient Mediterranean world, especially the civilizations of Greece and Rome, from the Bronze Age to the early medieval period.

To understand the world today we need to know where it came from–its foundations and traditions. Ancient Greece and Rome have influenced us in so many ways: our politics and sense of history, our social institutions and cultural practices, modern languages, religions and philosophies, our art and material culture, even our sports and entertainment. To know Greece and Rome allows us to know ourselves and to see others in better perspective.

Classics is by nature an interdisciplinary pursuit. At Brock, we study the Greek and Roman worlds in their broader Mediterranean context through the many aspects available to us. We offer a broad range of courses in their languages and literatures, histories (political, social, cultural, intellectual, religious), arts and archaeological remains.

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