Brock Classics at the AIA / SCS Annual Meeting

The Department of Classics was well-represented at the 2020 joint Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Society for Classical Studies in Washington, D.C.

Elizabeth Greene delivered a paper in a panel dedicated to the ongoing collaborative fieldwork in Sicily as part of the Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project: “Engaging the Past with the Present: Connectivity and Maritime Heritage at Marzamemi. She also organized a workshop panel, “Antiquities, Illicit Trafficking, and Public Advocacy: The Future of the 1970 UNESCO Convention.”

In a panel on Prehistoric Cretan Ceramics, Angus Smith spoke on, “New Evidence from Late Minoan I Pottery Deposits at Gournia.

Brock alumni speakers included Lana Radloff (M.A. ’11, now faculty at Bishop’s University), who delivered two talks: one on harbors in Hellenistic Asia Minor, and a second on Athenian tragedy and the Canadian experience of displacement.¬†Archaeological illustrator Tina Ross (B.A. ’03) showcased her professional work with a booth in the Exhibit Hall.