Brock at the CAC Annual Meeting

Brock was well represented at the Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of Canada (May 7-9, McMaster University) with talks delivered by a number of faculty, alumni, and TAs. Brock speakers included: Michael Carter, “Arena of the Senses”; Fanny Dolansky, “The Emperors’ Private Devotions”; Alison Innes and Lianne Fisher, “Visualizing Mythology: Using Universal Design for Learning to Teach Greek Mythology”; and Darrin Sunstrum, “Podcasting and the Power of Conversation.”

The Presidential Panel, organized by Allison Glazebrook, was titled, “Engaging with the Public: Ancient Ideas, Modern Contexts.” The Department of Classics and the Office of the Vice-President for Research at Brock University provided generous support for the event.

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