Allison Flynn-Bowman

Program: MA Applied Health Science

Program Entry Date: September 2016

Advisor: Dr. Lynn Rempel

My name is Allison Flynn-Bowman, and this is my Brock Grad Story. I am in the final stages of my MA program! For my thesis in Brock Applied Health Science. I designed an intervention program for fathers as they transition to parenthood, called the DadRocks Study. The study involves sending fathers 100 text messages over the first six months of their infant’s life that include suggestions of things they can do for their infant, and their partner. It also includes developmental milestones to observe. I then measure attachment, involvement and father’s efficacy and mental health and am looking if there are any changes at 3- and 6- months after birth. I have presented this research as a Three Minute Thesis (3MT), I have been invited to sit on a fathering panel at the only conference in Canada just for fathers, and I am presenting at a conference for health promoters as an intervention that #breaksnewground! I work as a research assistant in the Heart Innovation Research Program and am a teaching assistant. I am the community manager for the group Life with a Baby, where I organize events for parents of children under 6 years old, designed to increase moms’ social networks to help ameliorate post-partum depression and anxiety. I am also mom to a 5-year old son, and 3-year old daughter. I was honoured to win the Surgite award last year.

The small size of Brock has enabled me to “push boundaries” and have experiences that I may not have at a larger school. Programs that allow for professional development, such as Vitae, have allowed me to get the most of out my experience!