Major Research Project

As Major Research Project’s (MRP) requirements are somewhat unique to each program, please consult your program handbook, or speak to your supervisor or Graduate Program Director about the process within your program.

MRP documents must adhere to the Faculty of Graduate Studies minimum format requirements, as well as any program-specific format requirements. FGS E-MRP format requirements can be found here.

As per the Graduate Calendar, if a thesis or major research paper or project is to be edited by a professional editor, the student must obtain written permission from their supervisor and Graduate Program Director. The extent of editing provided must not exceed the guidelines set out by the Editors’ Association of Canada in its Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Theses/Dissertations found at Graduate programs may require the student to submit a marked-up copy of the major research paper, project or thesis along with the final version to demonstrate the editing that has occurred. If an editor is used, specific acknowledgement must be included in the major research paper, project, or thesis.

Digital Repository Submission

The electronic submission of a Major Research Paper to the Brock University Digital Repository is optional and determined by each graduate program. Check with your graduate program to determine if you are to e-submit your MRP. When the Major Research Paper is in its final form, has been approved by the graduate program and meets e-MRP Format Specifications, the student will submit the MRP to the Brock University Digital Repository.


  • Review the following information
    • Check with your graduate program for MRP submission deadline dates in order to graduate at Spring or Fall convocation. Note: MRP will not be released to the repository if uploaded after your convocation date.
    • Review E-MRP Format Specifications and any specific program/Faculty requirements.
    • Filename for submitted MRP must be pdf.
  • Final approval
    • Ensure that your MRP has received final acceptance/approval by your graduate program before submitting electronically.
  • Complete Copyright License Form
  •  Upload/submit your e-MRP
    • Note: MRP will not be released to the repository if uploaded after your convocation date.
    • The file name for a submitted MRP must be pdf.
    • Submit ONE electronic copy of your MRP (PDF format only) and any supplementary files via the Brock University Digital Repository for review by your graduate program.
    • The uploaded MRP must be reviewed and approved before final release to the repository. Please monitor your Brock student email account for correspondence regarding your submission.

Additional instructions for submission to the Digital Repository can be found here.

MRP Binding Options
Students and programs may wish to purchase bound copies of their MRP. We have sourced on-campus providers that offer MRP binding services. However, you are not restricted to use these providers and are welcome to use any other provider.

Any arrangements for the binding of hardcopy MRP is arranged directly with the vendor selected and not through the Faculty of Graduate Studies or the graduate programs.

Brock MRP Digital Repository

View fellow students submissions to the digital repository.

Brock University’s Digital Repository is an online archive showcasing and preserving the Brock community’s scholarly output as well as items from the Library’s Special Collections and Archives. Researchers can disseminate their work by depositing it in this Open Access repository, which provides free, immediate access to users while also allowing Brock scholars to track downloads and views of their scholarship.