Goodman Lemonade

2023 Goodman Lemonade

Date and Time: June 8 at 11 A.M.

Venue: Brock University main campus 

Goodman Lemonade works with local Grade 4 classes and walks them through the process of building a for-profit business. The program teaches elementary school students about entrepreneurship and lets them compete to see which team can make the most profit via selling lemonade, from $50 in seed money.

In the 2023 program, a total of 60 students from Stevensville Public School and Glynn A. Green Public School participated in this wonderful initiative. Led by Brock’s Goodman School of Business and Goodman Group, these young innovators were introduced to entrepreneurship and worked on laying the foundations of their businesses throughout the spring.

Their efforts culminated in an amazing sales day on June 8, when, divided into 12 teams, the students arrived at Brock to showcase their remarkable talent and display their budding entrepreneurship skills. On June 26, Goodman Group visited both schools to present the final checks from the sales day. Special congratulations to the “Wonderful Lemonade” team from Stevensville Public School for achieving the highest profits and for their admirable decision to donate to the Lincoln County Humane Society.

Goodman School of Business and Goodman Group are incredibly proud of every young entrepreneur who participated, demonstrating remarkable potential and a passion for learning. We are grateful to the teachers from both schools for their invaluable support in nurturing these young minds and fostering their entrepreneurial spirit. We applaud the collective effort of students and teachers and eagerly anticipate their future successes.

Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended and supported this event. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting plans for Goodman Lemonade in 2024!

Goodman Lemonade is hosted annually by Goodman School of Business and Goodman Group at Brock University and is sponsored by FirstOntario Credit Union

How does it work?

Each class is divided into teams and is provided with a $50 budget. The young students spend a few weeks carefully crafting their business strategies and making decisions on everything from the type of lemonade being served to the garnishes and colourful decorations adjourning their stands. The class then comes to Brock University, sets up their lemonade stands and sells their lemonade in a one-day sale. The team that makes the highest profits will choose how the class will spend the teams’ collective profits.

Goodman Lemonade is sponsored by FirstOntario Credit Union.

Have a Grade 4 class interested in participating?

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