About Professional Development

Professional Development offers a series of high value certificate programs in business and leadership to help individuals and organizations achieve their goalsProfessional Development delivers services to develop and execute custom programs designed to fit the specific strategic and developmental needs of individual businesses and organizationsDevelop your management, sales, human resources and other professional skills by learning from award-winning professors and business experts.

The Goodman Group – Professional Development offers

Designed for professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in key aspects of leadership development. Programs are offered in partnership with the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce.

Several Goodman Group programs are geared towards particular industries and business leaders, providing highly focused seminars that facilitate discussion.

Goodman Group works with individual businesses and organizations to develop and execute custom programs designed to fit their specific strategic and developmental needs.


We want to celebrate your success. Past participants have reported career advancements after program completion.


Your learning doesn’t end. You will receive exclusive access to newly developed content and materials.

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Continue to grow your network and skills through opportunities in mentoring incoming participants.

Interested in a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

For graduates from non-business disciplines and working professionals who are seeking the required business skills to aid them in a managerial position, the commercialization of innovation, or the expansion of an entrepreneurial endeavour.