Project Management Fundamentals Certificate

Project Management is the future of business. Research indicates that employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027.

This certificate focuses on the skills, knowledge, and tools you will require to be a successful project manager, from recognizing the concepts and basic functions to identifying plans, utilization of soft leadership skills, and managing project risk using analytical methodologies.

Program Details

  • Schedule:  4-session program – Mondays and Tuesdays: Jan. 30, Jan. 31, Feb. 13 and Feb. 14, 2023 from 3pm to 6pm.
  • Instructor-led hybrid sessions
  • Valuable to business leaders, career-minded managers and aspiring managers, and entrepreneurs who want to master the skills employers’ value the most
  • Price: $1790 + HST
  • Group pricing and alumni discount are available
  • Funding available to cover up to 80% of program fees – conditions apply
  • Contact us to know more

Our Project Management Fundamentals Certificate will provide a thorough overview of the skill set needed to succeed in this burgeoning field.

Through interactive classes, learn from Goodman School of Business professors and industry leaders about:

  • Scheduling, controlling, and uncertainty in projects
  • Project management foundational functions 
  • Project planning and needs identification  
  • Detailed project documentation
  • Network diagrams, Gantt charts, scheduling, critical path, and crashing  
  • Controlling the project, managing resources, and costs
  • Scheduling and critical path method
  • Risk management methods
  • Stakeholder engagement methods
  • Utilization of project management software

Winter 2023:  Instructor-led hybrid sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3pm to 6pm as follows:

  • Day 1:  Monday, January 30th, 2023
  • Day 2:  Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
  • Day 3:  Monday, February 13th, 2023
  • Day 4:  Tuesday, February 14th, 2023

For more information, please contact us at

“The PM course allowed me to focus on my skills set and empower my leadership.  I highly recommend this course.  Thanks to Goodman Group at Brock for offering such outstanding training to the community”

– Rose Karborani, Settlement Coordinator, Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre