Healthcare Business Management Certificate

The Healthcare Business Management Certificate will be offered via the Goodman Group – Professional Development. This certificate program will focus on key aspects of leadership, communication, teamwork, strategic planning, change management and performance management providing participants with the opportunity to challenge themselves in a dynamic learning environment.


  • Use the model of improvement as a mechanism for change and make changes based on the best available evidence in a complex health care environment.
  • Deliver clear and confident presentations by building your presentation skills.
  • Understand practical communication strategies and skills for real-life negotiation scenarios.
  • Learn how to provide more timely service to your patients while making efficient use of limited resources.
  • Understand how to effectively delegate within the workplace and evaluate the merits of delegation as a leadership tool.
  • Develop appropriate performance measures, conduct performance appraisals and learn how to deal with difficult situations and conflicts.


Program seminars could count towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. Contact us for more details.


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Goodman School of Business, Brock University