Canadian Business for Internationally Trained Professionals

If you’re looking to restart your career or seeking to bridge the gap between your education, experience and employment in Canada, Goodman Group’s Canadian Business for Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs) certificate is for you.

This program is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge required to secure commensurate employment. Not only will you acquire and develop technical skills, but also the communication and interpersonal skills currently being sought after by Canadian employers.

Program Details

  • Academic and experiential components
  • Designed for ITP’s unable to secure careers in their fields of expertise or at the level commensurate with their education and experience
  • Price: $3,295 + HST
  • Financial assistance available
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This program is a collaboration between the following comprised stakeholders:

The academic component will be matched by an experiential component. This will be comprised of company visits, local business presentations, a panel presentation where students will examine real businessproblems, and mentorship. The goal is to provide local firsthand advice designed to help recent Canadian arrivals understand the cultural and professional landscape as well as help develop business expertise.  

  • Local Industry Presentations: from local Niagara Regional Partners to provide better understanding of the practical day-to-day activities in the Canadian workplace.
  • Goodman Innovation Capstone Project: consisting of one of the two following options as decided upon by the professor.
    • Business Plan: This will involve the creation of a company and business plan.
    • Consultancy Solution: Examining real world business problem, you will develop a solution and consultancy report. Student teams are expected to create a workable proposal and present findings to a panel of professors and local business executives at the end of the program.
  • Mentorship: Throughout the program, students will have the option to participate in mentorship opportunities developed for newcomers to Canada.

Bridge Training is to be delivered in two blocks.

Cornerstone Soft Skills Topics: Mandatory programs designed to educate the participants in the laws and customs of business in Ontario.

  1. Management Fundamentals and Canadian Business Culture
  2. Business Law & Ethics in Canada
  3. Business Communication

Canadian Business Skill Topics: Participants will participate in courses to bolster their existing International University degree and professional work experience specific to the discipline of Canadian Business Management.

  1. Ontario Financial Accounting
  2. Ontario Management Accounting
  3. Sales, Marketing & Customer Service in Ontario
  4. Operations Management in Ontario
  5. Human Resource Management in Ontario
  6. Project Management Practices in Ontario
  7. Ontario Labour Relations and Employment Law
  8. Ontario Standards Act and Benefit Plans

The investment required per participant of the Bridge Training Program is $3,295+HST, payable by program start date. To accommodate participants who require financial assistance, the following options are available to assist minimize their investment:

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