Mathematics Proficiency Test

Opportunities to write the Mathematics Proficiency Test in 2021

The Ministry of Education and the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) are exploring options to administer the Math Proficiency Test online with remotely proctored test sessions as well as ways for those who need accommodation or who do not have access to technology to complete the test.

There will be three opportunities to write the test between January and August 2021. Specific times for testing have not yet been announced.

There will be no cost to those writing the test prior to August 31, 2021, including those who have been unsuccessful at past attempts. Starting September 2021, the first attempt to complete the MPT will be free and individuals will be required to pay a fee for subsequent or voluntary attempts. This fee will be determined by the test administrator.

COVID-19 Updates to the Mathematics Proficiency Test

The regulations governing the requirements for successful completion of the MPT have been modified. Ontario faculty of education TCs who complete their application on or after March 31, 2020, can be certified by the OCT with the condition that they successfully complete the Math Proficiency Test by August 31, 2021. If you have already successfully passed the MPT will not have this condition applied. Ontario applicants who are required to pass the Mathematics Proficiency Test to become certified on or after September 1, 2021, are required to pass the test before they can become certified. Learn more here:

Remember, the MPT is not a requirement for graduation.

More details on future dates for the MPT will be posted by EQAO. AS we become aware of these, we will post on the FOE website. Please visit the MPT website for more details on the test.

Mathematics Proficiency Test information for graduates and teacher candidates

The Math Proficiency Test is separate from the completion of an initial teacher education program.

The Ontario Government has enacted legislation that requires all individuals who complete their OCT application for a certificate on or after March 31, 2O2O, must pass a Math Proficiency Test in order to become certified with the OCT, whether or not the application was started before that date. A complete application means the OCT has received all required documentation and fees. Learn more on the OCT website (FAQs are available here).

Please note that Teacher Education program graduates who were not reported to the OCT will be required to pass the Math Proficiency Test in order to become certified if they have not completed their OCT application before March 31,2020. If you have confirmed with the OCT that they have not received a Faculty Report from Brock University, please email with both your Brock Student ID number and your OCT Application number so that a report may be sent.

Teacher education candidates who are enrolled in, or have completed, a multisession program, such as a Technological Education Teacher Education program, and who complete their OCT application for a general or transitional certificate on or after March 31, 2020, must pass the Math Proficiency Test in order to become certified, whether or not the application was started before that date.

If Ontario Teacher Candidates complete their OCT application for a certificate on or after March 31, 2020, then they will need to first complete the Math Proficiency Test requirement and be certified in Ontario before applying to another Canadian province/territory as a labour mobility candidate for certification.

Learn more about the Faculty’s understanding of the Test in a recent memo to Teacher Candidates from the Dean. Please note that information on the EQAO and OCT websites supercedes information published on the Faculty website.

Mathematics Proficiency Test legislation update

The Faculty has been formally notified by the Ministry of Education that Regulation 271 Proficiency in Mathematics has been changed. The revised legislation is found at the following link: The change that most affects teacher candidates and graduates is: The mathematics proficiency test will include mathematics content from grades 3 to 9.

Mathematics Proficiency Test field test update

Ahead of the launch of the official Mathematics Proficiency Test this spring, the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) will be conducting field tests between February 18 and March 7, 2020, at various test centres throughout the province. The MPT field test is a cost-free opportunity for teacher applicants to attempt the test. If teacher applicants attempt the field test and have a successful outcome, they will have satisfied the legislated MPT-certification requirement. If the teacher applicants are not yet successful on this field test attempt, their next attempt will still count as their first attempt.

Further information regarding the official test launch, including details on how to register for the test and specific dates and locations of the test centres across the province, will be shared soon.

EQAO will continue to provide updates on the development of the MPT to faculties of education throughout the province. Additionally, you can visit for sample test questions, what you can expect on the day of the test and answers to frequently asked questions.

Field-Test Registration

Online registration for the field test opens on February 3, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. To register for the field test, teacher applicants must complete the following:

  1. Obtain an Ontario College of Teachers application number (
  2. Create an MPT account (
  3. Choose a test-centre location from the list below.
  4. Select and register for a field-test session. If an accommodation is required, request a test session and await contact from the test-centre accessibility coordinator.

Field-Test Centre Locations*

  • Algonquin College–Ottawa
  • Centennial College–Toronto
  • Collège Boréal–Sudbury
  • Durham College–Oshawa
  • Fleming College–Peterborough/Lindsay
  • Georgian College–Barrie
  • Humber College–Toronto (Etobicoke North)
  • Lambton College–Sarnia
  • Loyalist College–Belleville
  • Sault College–Sault Ste. Marie
  • Seneca College–Toronto, King City, Markham
  • Sheridan College–Mississauga

*On-site French-language support is available upon request and may be requested when teacher applicants create their online MPT account.

Field-test session dates and times will vary based on the test-centre location, and field-test applicants will be able to register for the field test starting February 3, 2020. Please note that the number of available spaces will be limited to the capacity at participating test centres and spaces will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. More field-test locations may be added to the list above. Original photo identification will be required on the day of the field test.

The Mathematics Proficiency Test website and other resources

The Mathematics Proficiency Test website is now available to the public in English and French. Users can explore the following sections on the site to familiarize themselves with the registration process and test format:

  • About the Test
  • Registering for the Test
  • Preparing for the Test
  • Accessibility & Accommodations
  • On Test Day
  • Checking Your Results
  • F.A.Q. (Test Applicants)

The MPT website now contains sample questions and answers developed by the EQAO.

Teacher Candidates should also review the following websites for information on the MPT: