Visual standards play an important role in ensuring that we communicate with a consistent voice. The Brock brand is clean, modern and vibrant. Our sharp and high-contrast visual aesthetic focuses on solid, flat colours. Keeping these standards consistent on all Brock’s digital media is crucial and applies to page elements large and small.

Brand colours

A specific set of brand colours has been established for all screen applications of the Brock brand.

Screen applications include all non-print media: websites, web ads, YouTube ads, cinema ads, etc. If your project is meant to be displayed on a computer, tv or movie screen, please be sure to use the correct colour standards. Never use the print (CMYK) colour system in digital media.

WordPress @ Brock

Are you maintaining a WordPress site for your department? This website has a number of resources to help you.

Request for Digital Services

Visit this page if you need a new website, social media account, digital display slide, etc., or want to report issues with your site.