Email campaigns

An email campaign is a branded email communication from a Brock University department or administrative office to a targeted audience, which may include current or future students, faculty or staff members, alumni, and community members. Campaigns can include marketing, recruitment, engagement and retention emails, as well as updates related to day-to-day university operations.

Campaign Monitor

The University’s current email campaign platform is Campaign Monitor. This platform is available to all departments and administrative offices. Please see below for acceptable use cases for this platform, usage requirements & other resources.

To request access to Campaign Monitor, please complete our Request for Digital Services form.

You can access your department’s Campaign Monitor account by visiting

Email campaigns at Brock

Campaign Monitor may only be used by Brock departments and offices for email communications related to University activities.

Campaigns may include marketing, recruitment, engagement and retention emails, as well as updates related to day-to-day University operations.

Targeted audiences may include current and future students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members.

Contacts who are not current students or current Brock employees must have opted-in to receive communications from you before they can be targeted.

  • Campaign templates must follow Brock’s brand standards
  • Brock-branded templates are available to all users (see below)
  • If your campaign requires a customized template, please contact Marketing and Communications to discuss available options

To comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, the subscriber email collection method must clearly identify the purpose of the email collection, and include a mandatory mechanism by which the subscriber will consent to being contacted by you in the future, for the stated purpose.

Example of a mailing list sign up form, followed by the collection notice:

Screenshot of a generic mailing list sign up and consent checkbox.


Brock University protects your privacy and your personal information. The personal information requested on this form is collected under the authority of The Brock University Act, 1964, and in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) for the administration of the University and its programs and services. The information will be used to process your submission and to provide Brock University staff with contact information should we need to get in touch with you regarding your submission.

Campaign Monitor is available to all administrative offices and academic departments at Brock.

  • You must use a Brock employee email address to login
  • You must secure your Campaign Monitor account with two-factor authentication
  • If your department or office doesn’t have a client space in Campaign Monitor, we will create one for you

Access and usage of the platform is managed by Marketing and Communications. Please fill out the request for digital services form to request access.

If you already have an account, log in at:

Campaign Monitor support

Step-by-step instructions for using Campaign Monitor are available on the Campaign Monitor help site.

Creating and sending campaigns

Using the email builder

Working with lists and subscribers

Collecting mailing list subscribers on your Brock website
Make registration seamless by letting site visitors sign up directly from your website. Contact Marketing and Communications to connect an online form on your website to your CM account.

Email campaign reports

Wondering how your campaigns are performing? Compare your open rates and click-through rates with these industry benchmarks.

Screenshot of 2020 Industry averages for email click throughs - Education is highlighted with a 23.4% open rate.

If your department or administrative office currently uses another emailing platform (Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.), we can work with you to transition over to Campaign Monitor. We will meet with you to get a better sense of how you use your current platform and discuss the following migration steps:

  • Import your list(s) of active as well as suppressed subscribers (those who have unsubscribed from your campaigns in the past)
  • Template design, if applicable
  • Options for acquiring new subscribers
  • Training

Contact Marketing and Communications to get started.

Campaign Monitor templates

This template comes with a default “Experience. Success.” header. Download the Photoshop template for this image below if you would like to customize it for your campaign.

Note that the width of the header image is fixed at 1200px, but the height can be adjusted as needed.

Example of a Generic Brock Template that available within Campaign Monitor.

This simple template includes the official Brock logo, colours and typeface. Images can be added to the content using the Campaign Monitor campaign builder, but are not mandatory.

There are no customizable template files for this template.

Example of a text only template that's available in Campaign Monitor.

This template can be used to send branded invitations via email. The header can be changed to suit your needs or event if desired.

Images and other content can be added as needed using the Campaign Monitor campaign builder.

Mobile is the most popular environment for reading emails, and most mobile devices come with a high-DPI (retina) display. To ensure that images look sharp on these displays, they should be created at twice their intended size (2x). The templates and dimensions listed on this page are designed with this in mind.

Standard 2:3 photo aspect ratio template

720×480 pixels
72 dpi

Right-click the image and select “Save Image As…” to save this image.

Example of 2:3 photo size - 720 x 480 pixels

Square image or photo

500×500 pixels
72 dpi

Right-click the image and select “Save Image As…” to save this image.

Example of square photo size - 500 x 500 pixels

If your campaign requires a custom template, please contact Marketing and Communications to discuss available options.

Campaign Monitor training

Follow the link below for a series of Campaign Monitor training videos covering everything you need to know to get started with the platform, including:

  • Creating campaigns
  • Managing lists and subscribers
  • Campaign scheduling and deployment
  • Reporting and analytics

Once you are familiar with the basics of Campaign Monitor, more in-depth training modules on marketing best practices and account training are available through Campaign Monitor’s Email Academy.

Campaign Monitor logo

Request access to Campaign Monitor for your department or office.