Request for Marketing Services

Below is some information to help you in planning ahead for your marketing needs.

Production schedule

​It’s important that adequate time (at least three weeks) is provided for the production of various materials. For larger projects, we will develop a production schedule for you.​


​We rely upon units to submit copy. The copy should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and emailed to us or attached in the online request for services form before design/layout. Clients are responsible for editing/proofing their content. Please have your copy/content finalized before submission. This procedure is much more efficient than editing after the design layout is done.

Graphic design​

Graphic design is a fundamental resource within University Marketing and Communications. For your publications to have maximum impact, an attractive and creative design is essential. From brochures and banners to hefty documents, graphic design focuses on the visual presentation of your project and its compliance with the Brock brand.

Some of the elements that go into a project are brand-approved fonts and colours, as well as the size and shape of the publication or project. The use of photos, both primary and secondary, play a key role in the design element of the publication.

If your project is similar to one previously done, please include a sample so we can determine what significant changes may be required or if it’s acceptable to make minor updates.

  1. Determine your needs and the services you’ll require. Think about the questions below and put together any images, approved copy, samples of previous versions, etc.
  2. Complete our request for services form with as much detail as possible. We’ll need to know the following:
    • What services do you require?
    • What are the specifics, i.e. size, quantity, etc.?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • When do you need the finished product?
    • What are your marketing/project/communication objectives?
    • What formats will be required, including print, web, video and accessibility?
    • Who is responsible for sign-off and proofing?
  3. Submit any supporting materials not included with the Request for Services to Maryann Marino at as soon as possible.


We require a minimum three weeks notice in order to ensure high-quality work for your projects. If you have an urgent request, please contact Maryann Marino at or x4690 for assistance.


All approved content is required at the time of request. This includes copy, key messages stated in bullet points, images, graphs, logos and illustrations. Changing content once the design has begun slows the production process and makes it difficult to meet deadlines.

  • Marketing and Communications is responsible for overseeing Brock’s brand, as outlined in the Brand Identity Policy.
  • Refer to the Writing Style Guide to ensure copy meets the brand standards. You’ll find instructions for when to use capitals, what to abbreviate and more.
  • Crisp, clear writing has more impact than bloated text. Too many words lead to clutter and a lack of focus. Use word counts to stay aware of your length.
  • Ask a co-worker to review your document for redundant phrases or unnecessary words. Less is often more when it comes to copy.
  • Check your facts. Before submitting your copy, confirm the figures, dates and other details, such as enrolment and program numbers, percentages, years, etc.
  • Your department’s decision makers should approve copy before it is submitted, and review the project at the first draft stage. This helps avoid significant changes in later stages and missed deadlines.
  • Do you have recurring events or publications? Plan ahead and ensure plenty of lead time for your marketing needs.
  • Ask us about samples of materials created for other clients. You may find inspiration and ideas for your project.
  • Projects with multiple components will usually require separate requests for services. Contact us if you’re unsure.
  • Many of our services are available at no charge. Clients are responsible for printing and production costs.

Approval process tips

  • Changes should be clearly marked on the latest version of a hard copy, pdf, or email. Submitting changes on the phone or in person leaves room for error.
  • When making edits to a Word document, use the Track Changes feature.
  • Always double-check spelling and grammar before submitting changes.
  • Keep in mind that proof versions used for review are not suitable for publication or distribution. Only final versions provided by the designers should be considered ready to use.

Submit a request for marketing services

To get started on your project, please complete a request for services form.

Contact Maryann Marino with any questions: or x4690