Brand standards

Branding is more than a name and a logo. It comprises all points of communication for and about Brock, including visual and written messages to individual audiences, and the tone we use. The Brock brand is the image that comes to mind when people think about our University, our Faculties and our programs.

The standards outlined on this website set the benchmark for our strengthened positioning and provide you with the tools you need to present Brock in a clear, competitive and differentiating manner. For branding to be successful, it must be consistently implemented. It is critical that each time the public interacts with the University our identity is communicated in a unified manner, whether it’s portrayed on signage, letterheads, the web or advertising, to protect our trademarked assets from misuse.

These identity standards will help you apply the Brock brand with confidence. They will show you how to integrate the core elements of our brand to create a distinctive presence at every touchpoint.

Branding and marketing standards

Information on Brock’s brand assets, such as logos, sub-brands, typography, colour palettes and photography.

Web and digital standards

Learn about how Brock’s branding is implemented digitally and online, including social media guidelines, mobile apps, on-campus digital signage and video production.

Communications and media relations standards

Learn about Brock’s unique writing style and how to expand the University’s media exposure.

Institutional Brand Identity Policy

This policy ensures consistency in the application of brand symbols and ensures the legal protection afforded to these elements is not diluted or damaged by irregular or inappropriate use.


See examples of Brock’s marketing portfolio including print ads, banners, posters, brochures, digital signage, outdoor advertising, online applications, and more!

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