Brand overview

Brock’s story is about a community that rose up and built a university.


Branding builds a specific set of expectations about Brock in the minds of all our audiences, internal and external, and creates a positive and lasting impression of the University. By expressing who we are and what we stand for in a consistent way, we’ll assure a solid, strong, unique and memorable presence.

Building on the vitality and dynamism of the distinctive Brock red, the brand signature presents Brock in a contemporary and powerful way. The red box encloses the wordmark “Brock.” The thumbprint represents the individual. It symbolizes the fact that students, graduates, faculty and staff are encouraged to develop themselves as unique, well-rounded individuals.

Experience campaign

Launched in the fall of 2016, this campaign highlights Brock University’s top experiential education programming, exceptional student and campus life experience rankings, and above-average graduate employment rates. The campaign is based on an area of identified reputational strength at Brock, which is “EXPERIENCE.” Experience is everything, and Brock offers the full university experience, from start to finish.

The creative platform for the campaign is kept simple with a mandatory, consistent use of the word “EXPERIENCE.” paired with a specific secondary component and, if required, a strong call to action. The use of strong typography is paired with bright, full-colour images and prominent use of the colour red is to ensure visibility and brand recognition.

While the Experience campaign is still new and fresh, we continue to develop and evolve the platform to ensure more students, their parents and potential community partners see and hear the Brock message.

Both Sides of the Brain

In 2010, a new campaign was launched with the tagline “Both Sides of the Brain” signifying Brock’s commitment to developing the whole person, and a dynamic culture that breaks the boundaries of academic convention, making us truly different from other universities. Metaphorically speaking, Brock is a place that not only recognizes, but nurtures, “both sides of the brain.” This means so much more than left-brain and right-brain thinking. Yes, Brock has rigorous academic programs that are intellectually stimulating, but it also has a deeply engrained culture that promotes growth as a well-rounded human, both personally and socially.

At Brock, our interdisciplinary approach to higher education allows students to develop not just their rational and analytical side, but also their emotional and creative side. We seek to produce well-rounded graduates who are versatile, innovative and aware.


In the late 1950s, there was growing public discussion about how Niagara should have its own university. Its residents wanted young people to get a good education without having to leave the area. Momentum grew and after years of meetings and fundraising, Brock opened in September 1964 with 127 students. In 1966, the landmark Schmon Tower was completed and became the University’s permanent home atop the Niagara Escarpment.

Since then, the campus has expanded to keep pace with the demand for a Brock education. It’s a pattern that continues with the construction of world-class research labs, a landmark fine arts complex and an international centre. Brock serves its community as a cultural, academic and recreational centre, bringing excellent facilities to the people who created the University all those years ago.