Vanity URLs and redirects

A vanity URL is a short, easy to read and easy to remember URL that redirects to a specific location at a deeper level within a Brock website, which would be very cumbersome to relay otherwise.

Brock vanity URLs typically use a format, but may also be set up at the site level, e.g.

Vanity URLs are primarily used in print or digital media to support promotional or marketing campaigns; where space is an issue; and where the target audience will be required to type the URL into a browser manually, especially on a mobile device.


Effective vanity URLs should meet these criteria:

  • Must be short — 6-8 characters maximum
  • Should use full, simple words whenever possible, and avoid complicated acronyms that are more difficult to remember
  • Must be unique and avoid conflicts or confusion with existing Brock entities or URLs
  • Should not include a year or numerical reference, to avoid tying the URL to a specific time period or version number
  • Should point to a stable URL that is unlikely to change in the medium to long-term
  • Follow these URL standards:
    • Brock URLs are all lowercase
    • Avoid dashes unless absolutely necessary
    • never include “http://” or “www” when printed or promoted

Please note that vanity URLs cannot be used in the following instances:

  • Redirects to non-Brock websites (sites that are not on the domain)
  • Social media accounts
  • If the destination page is not mobile friendly
  • For individual profiles, e.g. for use on business cards
  • Links to documents, e.g. PDF, Doc, XLS, or other media files


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