Logo usage

There are specific guidelines and requirements for using the Brock University master brand logo in both print and digital marketing materials. This is meant to ensure brand consistency with size and placement of the logo.

Logo sizes

To ensure integrity in small-sized marketing applications, a minimum use version of the logo has been developed. To maintain recognition and legibility, it should never appear smaller than 0.5 inches wide in print. Do not reproduce the Brock University logo in small sizes if the application may cause poor quality or distortion (e.g. embroidery, silkscreen, online, etc.). For online applications, please make the minimum use no smaller than 140 pixels wide. For applications that may require a logo smaller than these specifications, please contact us.

Print minimum

Digital minimum

Logo placement

Eye movement of a typical reader usually forms a “Z,” meaning they start in the top left, go to the top right, make a diagonal to the bottom left and end up in the bottom right. This concept is used when determining optimal brand placement on marketing materials. The upper left is prime location, and the lower right is second best. A third option would be the upper right. The lower left is considered a “dead zone” because it’s usually the location where an eye spends the least amount of time. This is best to leave for white space or secondary elements.

Protection area

In order for the logo to be easily seen and recognized, don’t crowd it with other images or type.

The general rule is to leave a border of white space no less than the area of the fingerprint on the top and the bottom and three areas on either side.

Brand reproduction errors

These are some examples of common errors in reproduction, or misuses of the Brock University logo. It’s very important not to modify the logo or colour in any way. Learn more about Brock’s official brand colours.

  • Use the preferred red and white logo whenever possible.
  • Always use the approved digital artwork.
  • Never redraw or change the proportions of the logo or add other graphic elements.
  • Proper use of the logo is essential for promoting, maintaining, and protecting the Brock brand.
  • Contact the Marketing and Communications team for questions or visit the Brock University brand toolkit to download the logo.

Larger fields than approved.

The use of separate unapproved elements.

The disproportionate rescaling of elements.

The use of borders.

Isolated elements.

Reversal of brand signature.

Adjusting the angle of the brand signature.

Vertical versions.

Using the wrong background field when anchoring for a bleed at the bottom or top of any application.

The rescaling of elements incorrectly by axis.

The use of effects.

The use of integrated photographs.

The use of unapproved colours, either separate or combined.

Logos and assets

Learn more about Brock University’s logo and assets, brand architecture, and endorsed brands.