Official brand colours

Our official brand colour is red. It’s the hottest of the warm colours, and warmth is what we want to evoke. Red creates confidence and consistency for the University. Like us, red portrays vitality, dynamism, confidence and boldness.

Brock Reds

Please note that there are different reds used for print and screen applications. A specific set of brand colours has been established for all screen applications of the Brock brand. Screen applications include all non-print media: websites, web ads, YouTube ads, cinema ads, etc. If your project is meant to be displayed on a computer, tv or movie screen, use the colour standards on this page.

CMYK values should be used for print applications. HEX and RGB values are used for screen applications. 

The grey acts as a complement to the red. Its primary use is with typography and printed collateral. The black is standard and is to be used when colour is not available.

Primary brand colours

Brock red colour block with white "B".


CMYK 0/100/100/0
RGB 204/0/0
HEX #CC0000

Black colour block with white "B".


CMYK 0/0/0/100
RGB 0/0/0
HEX #000000

Dark grey colour block with white "B".

Dark grey

CMYK 0/0/0/75
RGB 88/88/88
HEX #585858

Light gray colour block with black "B".

Light grey

CMYK 0/0/0/25
RGB 191/191/191

Endorsed brand colours

Navy blue colour block with white "B".


CMYK 100/68/0/54
RGB 0/45/98
HEX #002D62

Pink colour block with white "B".


CMYK 2/93/0/0
RGB 219/0/135
HEX #DB0087

Dark grey colour block with white "B".


CMYK 0/0/0/80
RGB 88/88/88
HEX #585858

A note on faculty-specific colours

With our refreshed brand, faculty-specific colours have been eliminated in favour of a unified, primary brand approach that is consistent for all areas of the University. With the exception of the endorsed brands above (Brock Badgers, MIWSFPA and the Goodman School of Business), all departments, faculties and administrative units at Brock should now use the primary brand colours.

Contact University Marketing and Communications with any questions or for assistance with brand colours.