It’s commonly understood that a picture is worth a thousand words. As a result, Brock places great emphasis on our visual presence, and the imagery used to portray the University. Impactful images can make an incredible difference in how materials are received and accepted.

Our office can provide a large number of archived images and creative consultation for a wide range of promotional materials.

We also have a roster of photographers that we work closely with who understand the visual identity of the University. This allows us to recommend a photographer who would best fit the project you require.

To portray authenticity:

  • Use real Brock students or real Brock faculty/staff in photos.
  • Have the person(s) in the photo complete and sign the Photography authorization and release form before using the image.
  • Don’t use staged photos with people posing for the camera. Photo shoots can be arranged, but the photos should capture a ‘natural’ moment in time as opposed to someone staring at the lens.
  • Showcase distinctive Brock locations and facilities.

To book a photo shoot with an approved photographer, submit a request. Be sure to include your budget and as many details as possible.

Photography authorization and release form

This form is to be completed and signed by any person(s) involved in any form of photography or videography in relation to Brock University material.

Photo library

Greatest hits photo library