Logos and assets

Brock has one logo, our master brand signature, which ensures that all activities in any unit are associated with the University overall. This helps build one institutional reputation rather than fragmented identities.

Master brand

A logo functions with the same authenticity as a person’s signature. Building on the vitality and dynamism of the distinctive Brock red, the brand signature presents Brock in a contemporary and powerful way. The vibrant red box encloses the wordmark “Brock.”

The fingerprint represents the individual. It symbolizes the fact that students, graduates, faculty and staff are encouraged to develop themselves as unique, well-rounded individuals. They are more than just numbers; they are individuals who make their marks.

Primary print logo

Primary screen logo

Brock logo

Use of brand properties

Use of the Brock brand, including the Brock logo, sub brands, and endorsed brands, is defined by the Institutional Brand Identity Policy and subject to approval by the Office of University Marketing and Communications.

Brand architecture

The master brand is described as the dominant brand driver and identifier and should always be strongly linked in all communications. Brock’s master brand is represented by the name and brand signature. It can stand alone or be accompanied by sub-brands, extensions or endorsed brands.


  • Sub-brands are primarily ‘descriptors’ of official work unit names.
  • The master brand must always be used with sub-brands and must always have the dominant brand presence.


  • Faculties
  • Brock University Library
  • Administrative units


  • Sub-brand extensions defined as ‘descriptors’ for academic products and services.
  • The master brand must always be used with the sub-brand extension, whether or not the sub-brand is used.


  • Departments
  • Programs
  • Centres
  • Office of the Dean

Endorsed brands

Endorsed brands demonstrate a connection to and/or endorsement from the master brand. Universities often create endorsed brands, either because of donor/advancement naming requirements or because of operational considerations. An endorsed brand is the primary name that an individual is intended to use to refer to the unit or operation. It is a brand that is endorsed by the University — lending credibility or assurance to the endorsed brand.

The Brock University 50th Anniversary logo should be removed from all print and digital materials.