Thank you for your interest in applying to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Brock University! As application deadlines vary, we recommend that you refer to the program to which you are applying for details.

Brock University strives to provide equal opportunity for academically qualified students with disABILITIES.

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Application Instructions

Step 1

Complete the online application.

Submit the application fee.

A non-refundable application fee of $105 (MA, MBE, MSC, MS or PhD) or $130 (MADS, Diploma in Applied Disability Studies, MBA, MAcc and MEd programs) in Canadian funds must be submitted for each program to which you are applying.

This fee is payable to the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) by Visa, MasterCard or internet banking.

You will be prompted at the completion of your online application to submit payment.
Applications will not be processed without the application fee.

One to two business days are required for Brock to receive your application from the Ontario Universities Application Centre.

You will be contacted by email (within one week) when we have received your paid application, informing you of the required application materials.

This email will also provide you with your Campus ID (2 letters, 2 numbers, 2 letters) and instructions on how to log in to the Brock portal to monitor the status of your application and documents.

Step 2

Reference reports

As part of your application, reference reports must be submitted on your behalf.

Please refer to the specific program you are applying to for details regarding the number of reference reports required.

References should be from qualified academic scholars attesting to, and documenting, an applicant’s potential for graduate level study/research unless the graduate program identifies that professional references are acceptable.

A valid institutional/organizational email address (not gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.) is necessary in order for a referee to upload their report. An email address that is not linked to an institution/organization is not acceptable.

Reference reports are submitted electronically by your referees through our electronic reference report system. We will not accept hard copy (paper) reference letters.

Reference Report Instructions:

  1. Confirm that your referees are available and are willing to provide you with a reference.
  2. Confirm that the referee email address you will be submitting on the application is accurate.
  3. Be sure to review that all the referee information you have provided is correct* (any changes required after submitting your application, due to spelling errors or email address changes will significantly delay your application).
  4. Once we have received your application, your referees will be emailed (to the email address that you provided) the electronic reference reports.
  5. If you have listed the same referee for multiple program choices, your referees will receive separate electronic reference reports that are specific to each of the programs. Please inform your referee that they will be receiving separate emails for each of your program choices.
  6. If we have not received the electronic reference reports back from your referees within 10 days of the initial email, a reminder email will be sent automatically to them.
  7. You can monitor if we have received the electronic reference reports through your Brock portal. This is updated automatically when your referees submit their reports.

You can refer to our FAQ section for additional reference information.

If you need to change/modify a referee (after you have submitted your web application) please follow the instructions listed in our FAQ section.

Keep in mind that requests to edit or change your referee information will result in a delay in processing your application.

References are confidential and may be verified for authenticity. References do not expire. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the referees of the program deadline dates and to monitor their document status on their portal account to ensure that the reports have been submitted prior to the program deadline. Additional reminder emails will not be sent by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

*Please note that only numeric characters are recognized in the telephone extension field.


  • For applications to the MADS and Graduate Diploma in Applied Disability Studies programs, all three reference reports may be from professionals.
  • For MBA program, two of the three reference reports may be from professionals.
  • For the MAcc program, two references are required and these MUST be academic
  • For the MA in Applied Disabilities and MBE programs, one of the three reference reports may be from a professional for whom you have worked.
  • For the MEd and MEd ISP, two reference reports are required and both may be from professionals.
  • For the MA in Applied Linguistics (Bridged Entry) only two reference reports are required.
  • For the MA in Critical Sociology two academic reference reports are required.

Step 3

Upload your application materials

Once you have received your campus ID, you will be able to activate your Brock portal account and upload your required documents.

Instructions for uploading documents can be found on the How to Upload Documents page.


A scan of each official academic transcript (and degree certificate if applicable) from each post-secondary institution that you have attended must be uploaded to the Brock Portal.  This includes incomplete studies, non-degree, exchanges and transfer credit courses. You will need to contact the Universities you have attended to obtain transcripts.

If you have attended Brock University, we will upload your Brock transcripts for you.

If the transcript and degree certificate are not in English, a certified translation must also be included with the official original language documents. Institutions within Canada do not require a translation.

Transcripts must show all courses, all marks, grading scales and the awarding of degree(s) (if applicable).

Transcripts will be verified for authenticity. If evidence of misrepresentation or fraudulent or falsified documentation is found, the penalty is severe.

Program-specific materials

Please refer to the program website to which you are applying for the program specific materials that are required, in addition to your transcripts and reference reports.

Proof of English Language Proficiency (if applicable)

Please review our English Language Proficiency information for required documentation prior to submitting your application.

Step 4

Monitor your application and document status on the Brock portal using your campus ID. The Brock portal is your most up to date source of information. Offer letters to admitted students will be posted to their Brock Portal account.

Please refer to the FAQ section of the website for answers to additional questions.



All prospective students are encouraged to apply and will be considered on the basis of evidence of probable success in their chosen program. Enrolment has been limited in order that our students may continue to benefit from the University’s traditions of personal contact and individual attention. Applicants must be formally admitted to the University before they can register in degree credit courses.The regulations for admission specify minimum requirements only. Possession of the minimum entrance requirement is not a guarantee of admission. The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate.Assessment of academic background and eligibility for admission to graduate programs is the responsibility of the specific graduate program which will make recommendations for acceptance of applicants to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.Brock has had and will continue to have, a racially non-discriminatory policy and therefore does not discriminate against applicants and students on the basis of race, colour or nationality or ethnic origin. Such a non-discriminatory policy applies to staff and extends to non-discrimination on grounds of creed or sex.Students should be aware that documentation of immigration status/citizenship will be required and that a penalty for a false statement is deregistration. In addition, any changes in status, e.g., from visa student to permanent resident or Canadian citizen, requires proof of the new status with appropriate documents.Please note that documents and transcripts submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies become the property of the University and will not be returned.

We recommend that all students (prospective and current) review our policies regarding confidentiality, student records and academic regulations.

Brock University reserves the right to revoke any offer of admission and/or financial support from the University. Brock University may disclose evidence of any misrepresentation or fraudulent or falsified documentation to all Canadian universities, to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and to law enforcement personnel where appropriate.