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Classics is where you go if you are interested in the civilizations of Greece and Rome, from the Bronze Age to the Fall of the Roman Empire, including Egypt and the Near East. We offer you a broad range of courses including:

  • Greek and Roman history
  • Ancient Art and Architecture
  • Archaeology
  • Literature
  • Mythology
  • Latin and Greek languages 

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First Year Classes
In first year, you can take courses on Greek Civilization (CLAS 1P91) in the fall term and a parallel course on Roman Civilization (CLAS 1P92) in the winter. These courses introduce you to the art, history, archaeology, philosophy, and literature of Greece and Rome. 

We also offer two courses on mythology: The Myths of the Gods (CLAS 1P95) and Myths of the Heroes (CLAS 1P97).  These courses introduce students to several key works of Classical Literature such as Homer's Iliad and Euripides' Medea.

Introductory Latin (LATI 1F00) and Introductory Greek (GREE 1F00) are offered in first year too, as well as a new course on etymology to learn the roots of the English language (CLAS 1P94).  

Archaeology and Study Tours
We make available courses in the Mediterranean region every summer (either an archaeological excavation or a study tour) and though these classes are offered as third year classes, students can start planning for them at the beginning of their degree program.

Where can a Classics degree take you?
Read about the careers of some of our recent alumni and the exciting opportunities they've enjoyed since graduating, plus learn about other possibilities for your future with a Classics degree.