Graduate program

The Master of Business Economics (MBE) Program is an interdisciplinary program offered by the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Social Science in collaboration with the Goodman School of Business.

The program combines academic learning with practical experience through two Co-op work terms and the academic course work covers a broad range of areas such as economic theory, econometrics and aspects of economics and business administration including international payments, industrial organization, finance, business strategy, marketing and human resource management.

“I can say with confidence that taking the Master of Business Economics program at Brock University is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am currently working as a part of the federal government of Canada, conducting economic analysis of potential mergers and acquisitions to determine any potential harm to Canadian consumers. The MBE program opened the door for me to enter into this career path and prepared me not only to get a job but to excel in this highly demanding position.”

— Corey Carlton (MBE ‘16)

2018 Mapping the New Knowledges MBE Posters

Jean-François Lamarche (Summer 2018, Fall 2018)
Associate Professor
Office: Plaza 443
905-688-5550 x3328

Robert W. Dimand (Winter 2019, Spring 2019)
Office: Plaza 426
905-688-5550 x3125

A list of recent MRPs can be found here. If you are in search of a topic don’t hesitate to talk to any of the professors or to the graduate program director.

On this page you will also find a template showing how your MRP should look like in its final form. A zip file includes the required LaTeX files to obtain the correctly formatted document.


You can ask questions to the graduate program director via chat on Lifesize. Fridays 9-10am local time. IE 11 and Chrome preferred.

Students socializing

Successful completion of a four year Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in a relevant discipline, with a minimum average of B+. Applicants must have taken econometrics, mathematical economics, and advanced macroeconomics and microeconomics at the undergraduate honours level. Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English and suitability for Co-op placement, if applicable.

The Graduate Admissions Committee will review all applications and recommend admission for a limited number of suitable candidates.

Part-time study is not available.

Tuition and other fees can be found here. To help you figure out what you can expect in terms of revenues from Brock have a look at these spreadsheets.

On this link you will find the MBE Graduate Calendar which includes a list of faculties involved in the program, a program description and requirements as well as course descriptions.

Have a look at the MBE-specific documents that you will need to complete your application and then follow the step-by-step instructions found here to apply for our MBE. An application fee of $105 is required. The deadline is at the end of February but you should try to send your application during the month of December. We only accept students for a Fall start. All students are required to attend a 3 weeks course in August just before starting the Fall session.