Visiting speakers

Current Schedule (see below for full details)

The current schedule of visiting speakers can be found on the calendar below.  Visit this page often as it will be updated during the year as new speakers come to visit and as we obtain links for the papers scheduled for presentation.





October 7

Sebastian Ottinger, Northewestern University

Paper title: The Political Origins of Racial Hate in Media: Evidence from the U.S. South

Host: Miguel Cardoso


October 25

Nathan Zorzi, Dartmouth College

Paper title: Inefficient Automation

Host: Katerina Koka


November 4

Martin Fiszbein, Boston University

Paper title: New Technologies, Productivity, and Jobs: The (Heterogeneous) Effects of Electrification on US Manufacturing

Host: Andrew Dickens


November 11

Sebastian Dyrda, University of Toronto

Paper title: How to Tax Capitalists in the 21st Century

Host: Teega Zeida


November 18

Mikal Skuterud, University of Waterloo

Paper title: Temporary Foreign Workers

Host: Miguel Cardoso


November 23

Juan Morales, Wilfrid Laurier University

Paper title: Can Online Dissent be (Effectively) Censored?

Host: Andrew Dickens


December 7

Alexis Anagnostopoulos, Stony Brook University

Paper title: Cross-Country Stock Market Comovement: A Macro Perspective

Host: Teega Zeida


March 1

Jonathan Zhang, McMaster University

Paper title: Impacts of Basic Income on Health and Economic Well-Being: Evidence from the VA’s Disability Compensation Program (with David Silver)

Host: Qian Liu


March 15

Yifan Gong, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Paper title: Examining Income Expectations in the College and Early Post-College Periods: New Distributional Tests of Rational Expectations

Host: Qian Liu


April 7

Tom Handler, Statistics Canada

Paper title: Fine Tuning or Re-Skilling? Educational Strategies of Prime-Aged Displaced Workers

Host: Miguel Cardoso




September 22

Vincent Geloso, King’s College at Western University

Paper title: State Capacity and the Post Office: Evidence from 19th Century Quebec

Host: Cornelius Christian


September 29

Mick Coelli, University of Melbourne

Paper title: How Principals Affect Schools

Host: Lester Kwong


October 20

Andrea Ariu, University of Milan

Paper title:  Foreign Workers, Product Quality, and Trade: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Host: Miguel Cardoso


October 27

Angela Lynn Zheng, McMaster University

Paper title: Valuation of Local School Quality under School Choice

Host: Marcel Oestreich


November 17

Ola Olsson, University of Gothenburg

Paper title: Pharaoh’s Cage: Environmental Circumscription and Appropriability in Early State Development

Host: Andrew Dickens


November 23

Chris Bidner, Simon Fraser University

Paper title: Marriage, Commitment and Unbundling Gendered Norms

Host: Lester Kwong


November 30

Janet Huang Jiang, Bank of Canada

Paper title: Adoption of a New Payment Method: Evidence from the Laboratory

Host: Ling Sun


February 4

Felipe Caicedo, University of British Columbia

Paper title: Country of Women? Repercussions of the Triple Alliance War in Paraguay

Host: Cornelius Christian


February 10

David Stasavage, NYU

Paper title: Foundations of a New Democracy: Schooling,Inequality, and Voting in the Early Republic

Host: Cornelius Christian


February 17

Eugene Tan,  University of Toronto

Paper title: Investment Plans, Uncertainty, and Misallocation

Host: Teega Zeida


February 25

Gabriela Galassi, Bank of Canada

Paper title: The Intergenerational Correlation of Employment: Mothers as Role Models

Host: Teega Zeida


March 3

John Eric Humphries, Yale University

Paper title: Eviction and Poverty in American Cities: Evidence from Chicago and New York

Host: Bob Dimand


March 10

Brant Abbott, Queen’s University

Paper title: Permanent-Income Inequality

Host: Qian Liue


March 24

Frikk Nesje, University of Copenhagen

Paper title: Cross-Dynastic Intergenerational Altruism

Host: Marcel Oestreich


April 7

Larry Samuelson, Yale University

Paper title: The Analogical Foundations of Cooperation.

Host: Bob Dimand



October 7

Max Tabord-Meehan, University of Chicago

Paper title: Stratification Trees for Adaptive Randomization in Randomized Controlled Trials

Host: Miguel Cardoso


October 23

Zhentong Lu, Bank of Canada

Paper title: Examining the Impact of Cooling Measures on China’s Housing Market: A Structural Model Approach

Host: Xue Bai


October 28

Ryo Makioka, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan

Paper title: Do Trade Fairs Promote Export?

Host: Xue Bai


November 4

Ming Xu, Queen’s University

Paper title: Heterogeneous Passthrough from TFP to wages

Host: Qian Liu


November 18

Gustavo Bobonis, University of Toronto

Paper title: Externalities in Politicians’ Malfeasance: Norms of Corruption and Yardstick Competition

Host: Andrew Dickens


November 25

Leilei Shen, Kansas State University

Paper title: Export Expansion and Local Labor Market Outcomes in China

Host: Xue Bai


March 12

Brian McCaig, Wilfrid Laurier University

Paper title: Export Markets and Long-Run Industry Adjustment: State, Private, and Foreign Firms in Vietnam

Host: Katerina Koka