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Major Research Papers for Masters in Business Economics

Grunner, Susan
Love, David
The Role of the Greenbelt in the Toronto Housing Market

Rahman, Jasmeen
Dimand, Robert
The Evolution of the New Economic Geography

Sui, Zhixuan
Bai, Xue
The Influence of the Socio-Demographics and the Implementation of Smoking Policy on An Households Smoking Behaviour

Amevinya, Mokpokpo
Love, David
Not All Oil Shocks are the Same: Revisiting Lutz Kilian’s Structural VAR Model of Oil Markets

Ge, Wenbo
Koka, Katerina
Changing Demographics, Tenure Decisions and the Aggregate Homeownership Rate in Canada

Liu, Xiyang
Dimand, Robert
The Big Mac Index After Thirty Years: Does It Help Predict Spot Exchange Rates?

Su, Bing
Koka, Katerina
Effectiveness of Government Policy on Individuals’ Life Satisfaction – A Case Study from the Yunnan Province of China

Carlton, Corey
Kwong, Lester & Sun, Ling
On the Profitability of Restricting Information Flow by Gatekeepers

Fowler, Omolola
Martinello, Felice
Effect of Labour Tightness on Female Labour Force Participation in Ontario

Koomson, Grace
Love, David
Entry and Competition in Rural Banking in Ghana

Rossen, Bradley
Dupont, Diane
Understanding the Drivers of NHL Player Salaries in a Salary Cap World

Susin, Mikhail
Medovikov, Ivan
ETF Pair Misvaluation and Arbitrage Opportunities

Veselovska, Anna
Renzetti, Steven
Forecasting Short-Term Water Demand via Time-Series Models in the Region of Durham, Ontario

Dadar, Nitin
Love, David
A Critique of the Harper Government’s ‘Tough on Crime’ Policy Position

Dotse, Goodness Delali
Ogwang, Tomson & Kwong, Lester
Exports, Non-Exports and Externalities: A Panel Data Analysis

Kofi Kontoh, Eric
Love, David
The Macroeconomic Effects of Social Security Transfer Payments in Canada

Minnema, Nicole
Dupont, Diane
Willingness to Pay for Better Water Quality Using Defensive Expenditures and Choice Experiments

Nti, Moses
Ogwang, Tomson & Sun, Ling
The Canadian Earnings Function Under Retest

Saini, Indermohan Kaur
Ogwang, Tomson & Kwong, Lester
Stock Market Returns and Oil Price Volatility in Canada: An Empirical Investigation

Abbs, Daryl
Martinello, Felice
Do Changes in Medical School Enrollment Affect Healthcare Expenditures?

Bouroukis, Matthew
Kwong, Lester & Ogwang, Tomson
Hockey’s Fancy Stats: Determinants of Pay and Performance

Kyeremeh, Vera
Ogwang, Tomson & Kwong, Lester
Impact of Corruption on Macroeconomic Variables: Directional and Panel Data Analysis

Laing, Michelle
Ogwang, Tomson & Kwong, Lester
The Impact of Speculation in the Oil Market on the Cocoa Futures Markets

Owusu, Samuel
Ogwang, Tomson & Kwong, Lester
The Impact of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Diffusion on Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Empirical Investigation

Simcisko, Peter
Dore, Mohammed
A Review of Climate Change Projections for Canada and the Use of Solar Energy in the Water Sector

Jiang, Weijia
Kwong, Lester & Sun, Ling
Wine Score Aggregation Using Percentile Ranks and Its Effects on the Wine Market

Murzaliyeva, Aruana
Kushner, Joseph & Ogwang, Tomson
The Impact of Corporate Governance on Firm Performance in Canada: A Panel Data Analysis

Wang, Guan
Kwong, Lester & Sun, Ling
The Effects of Ethnic Diversity on Toronto’s Housing Market

Wang, Kang
Kwong, Lester
Durable-Goods Monopolist R&D Investment Strategy

Wen, Siyang
Sun, Ling
Immigration and Housing Prices: The Case of Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver

Bird, Jourdan
Dupont, Diane & Renzetti, Steven
Lost Creek Wildfire Effects on Water Quality and Nonmarket Valuation of Corresponding Implications for Residents

Chitsinde, Joashub
Renzetti, Steven
An Empirical Investigation into the Distribution Effects of Water Pricing Reform

Dilimulati, Adili
Koustas, Zisimos
Literature Review of the European Economic and Monetary Union

Tan, Byron
Kwong, Lester & Ogwang, Tomson
Predictive Accuracy: The Comparative Advantage of Semiparametric Over Parametric Hedonic Pricing Models of Ontario Wines

Vrancic, Tim
Kwong, Lester & Ogwang, Tomson
Performance and Compensation: Evidence from the National Hockey League

Arcuri, Stephen
Dupont, Diane P.
Canadian Wildfire Fire Suppression Costs: An Economic Perspective – Cost Function Analysis

Basing, Emmanuel
Ogwang, Tomson
Does GNP have a Unit Root?:  Evidence from Panel Unit Root Tests

Chen, Huaxuan
Ogwang, Tomson & Kwong, Lester
The Relationships Among Canadian GDP, Inflation and Unemployment: An Empirical Investigation

Jackman, Shane
Martinello, Felice
Does Heterogeneity Lead to Wins: An Analysis of Pitchers in the MLB During 1920-2012

Jiao, Jiao
Ogwang, Tomson & Kwong, Lester
The Empirical Relationship Between Foreign Direct Investment an Gross Domestic Product in Canada

Karpus, Nataliya
Dimand, Robert
Estimation and Discussion of the 2012 Living Wage in Niagara Region

Merilovich, Zackary
Dupont, Diane P.
Uncertainty, Respondent Perceptions and Context Dependence: The Status-Quo Effect in Pair-Wise Choice Experiments Designed for Use in Environmental Valuation

Oduro-Kwarteng, Isaac
Koka, Katerina
Private Credit and Aggregate Uncertainty: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Popovich, Sasha
Dimand, Robert & Ogwang, Tomson
Investigating the Relationship Between Income Inequality and Economic Growth: Evidence from Canadian Data

Silva, Lucas
Kushner, Joseph & Ogwang, Tomson
The Effects that Size and Ownership have on the Performance of Local Electric Utilities in Ontario

Wang, Tianshu
Dupont, Diane P. & Renzetti, Steven J.
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Ontario Urban Water Leak Detection

Kim, So-Hyung
Ogwang, Tomson
Income Differences Between Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in Canada: An Empirical Investigation

Meng, Nan
Ogwang, Tomson
How Long Can China Keep Its Labour Comparative Advantage? An Empirical Investigation Using the Lewis-Ranis-Fei Model

Nadew, Michael
Ogwang, Tomson
The Impact of Remittances on Economic Growth, Investment and Income Inequality in Sub-Saharan African Countries – Empirical Analysis Using Panel Data

Anderson, Edward Kofi
Ogwang, Tomson
The Betas of Beer Stocks in North America: A Nonparametric Investigation

Arkilley, Christian
Ogwang, Tomson
A Panel Data Analysis of the Effect of Unemployment on Domestic and Imported Beer Sales in Canada

Atthill, Shawn
Dupont, Diane P. & Renzetti, Steven J.
Analysis of Factors Leading to Adoption of Different Irrigation Technologies by Alberta’s Irrigators

Clark, Scott Francis
Dupont, Diane P. & Renzetti, Steven J.
Understanding Water Demand: An Examination of the Capital Regional District Using Census Tract Data

Jin, Chen
Ogwang, Tomson
The Growth of the Chinese Airlines Industry: A Gompertz Model Analysis

Makarova, Maria
Dimand, Robert
Application of Game Theory to Finance: Introduction for Teaching

Marei, Daryna
Ben Omrane, Walid
Oil Price and Its Impact on CDN/US Exchange Rate

Wang, Dong Yuan
Ogwang, Tomson
The Relationship Between University Expansion and Economic Growth in China: An Empirical Investigation

Brown, Alvin
Dupont, Diane P.
Canadian Households Willingness to Pay to Use Reclaimed Wastewater

Cao, Jun
Ogwang, Tomson
On the Variability of the Betas of Dell and IBM Stocks: A Nonparametric Investigation

Chilmeran, Hassan
Dore, Mohammed H.I.
Analysis of Demand and Costs of Treatment in Small Water Systems in Canada: Parametric and Semiparametric Estimates

Jia, Wei
Martinello, Felice
Discrimination and Demand: The Effect of International Players on Franchise Revenue in National Basketball Association

Chilmeran, Ridha
Ogwang, Tomson
Testing for Cointegration and Causality Between TSX Composite Index and TSX Venture Composite Index

Liu, Xingchen
Ogwang, Tomson & Kwong, Lester
The Environmental Kuznets Curve: An Empirical Investigation

Ndah, Sampson
Renzetti, Steven J.
Forecasting Water Demands for Ontario

Owusu, Obed
Dupont, Diane P.
An Econometric Model of Sewage Treatment Costs in Ontario, Canada

Qin, Hongxia
Ogwang, Tomson & Kwong, Lester
Pareto Power Law, Zipf’s Law and the Top Wealth Distribution in the World: An Empirical Investigation

Qiu, Yuwen
Ogwang, Tomson & Kwong, Lester
A Comparison of Parametric, Nonparametric and Semiparametric Hedonic Models of Housing Prices

Rana, Saeed Ur Rehman
Ogwang, Tomson & Kwong, Lester
Corruption, Economic Growth and Income Inequity: A Panel Data Analysis

Shen, Ru
Martinello, Felice
The Effect of Minimum Wage Legislations on Youth Employment: Canada 2007-2010

Zhang, Xiaoshuang
Dimand, Robert
Does a Higher Educational Attainment Lead to a Higher Divorce Rate?

Wang, Hui
Dimand, Robert
Petro-currency? Empirical Evidence from Canada

Chen, Tao
Veloce, William M.
Dating the Business Cycles vs Dating the Stock Market Cycles

Hua, Chunlei
Koustas, Zisimos
The Relationship Between Interest Rate Spreads and Inflation Uncertainty

Lin, Howard
Koustas, Zisimos
Testing Long-Run Monetary Neutrality

Tang, Yang
Dupont, Diane P.
Economies of Scale and Scope for Ontario’s Municipal Water Utilities