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Recent Major Research Papers for Masters in Business Economics

“Economic Influences on Crime for the 10 Canadian Provinces” by Steve Iamarino (Dimand and Ogwang)

“The effect of logistics on imports: A cross-section data analysis” by Tong Zhu (Ogwang and Lamarche)

“Impact of COVID-19 on International Trade: Evidence from Canada” by Jiayu Wang (Cardoso and Koka)

“The Duration of Unemployment in Canada: Exploring the Effect of Immigrant Status” by Yiwen Cui (Koka and Bai)

“Should US Banks Fear a No-Deal Brexit? New Evidence of Contagion Between the Banking Sectors in the UK and in the US” by Ilia Gutman (Medovikov and Lamarche)

“Fields of study, Occupations, and the Relevance of Relatedness” by Madeline Arnott (Dickens and Liu)

“The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme: Has Regulation Reduced Employment?” by Greg Devilliers (Oestreich and Dickens)

“Do Environmental Performances Affect Financial Performances? – an Empirical Examination of Canadian Public Firms” by Xinqi Wang (Oestreich and Medovikov)

“An Exploration of Socioeconomic Status-Mental Health Relationship in Canada: The Role of Social Support and Stress” by Zain Virani (Dickens and Christian)