Robert W. Dimand

Professor, Economics


Professor Dimand is also associated with the Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics. You can track his work by following this link.

Office: Plaza 426
905-688-5550 x3125


PhD (1983)
MPhil (1980)
MA (1979)
Yale University (Economics)
BA (1978) McGill (Economics and History)

Research Interests 

Development of macroeconomics, History of Game Theory, History of Women in Economics, Origins of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis

Brock Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence (2002-2005)

Faculty of Social Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching (2012)

Faculty of Graduate Studies Mentoring Award (2013)

Professor Dimand’s Cowles Foundation author page can be accessed here.

R.W. Dimand, T. Hines, O. Gong, M. O’reilly, T. Velk and M. Zhao (2020), Measuring U.S. 19th Century Economic Activity Using Unexploited Railway and Postal Micro-level Data, Review of Economic Analysis, 12, 1-57.

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