Graduate Registration Guide

Graduate Registration Guide2018-2019 Spring

Registration Policies

Graduate students must maintain continuous registration from the time of initial admission until degree requirements are complete. Students may apply for an inactive term (1 single term), or a leave of absence (2 to 3 consecutive terms) when circumstances prevent them from working on their graduate studies. The application for a leave of absence or an inactive term must be approved by the student's graduate supervisor, the graduate program director, and the Director of Graduate Studies.

Failure to maintain continuous registration, or alternatively request an inactive term or leave of absence, will result in the student being withdrawn from the program. The student will be required to apply for reinstatement into the program in order to continue with their studies.

Students are responsible for ensuring that they register at the appropriate time for each term, as indicated in the Important Dates in the Graduate Calendar webcal/current/graduate. Once online registration is closed, registration/withdrawal must be done using a manual course registration/withdrawal form. The late registration fee will apply if the first registration for the term occurs on or after the first day of classes for the duration.

Graduate Student forms are found at:

Please Note: All fees owing must be paid in order to register for subsequent terms. Students are responsible to check their student account on a regular basis.

Following initial registration in the major essay, thesis or project course, graduate students (both full and part-time) must continue to register in that course in each successive term, until degree requirements are completed. This includes the final stage status term, if applicable.

Students who intend to submit a first draft of their thesis, major essay or dissertation must ensure that they do so in sufficient time for the graduate program to forward the final stage status form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies two weeks before the beginning of the final term. Once the paperwork is approved and processed, financial assessment will be adjusted to the final stage status fee (plus ancillary fees).

Please see the Academic Regulations in the Graduate Calendar webcal/current/graduate for further information regarding Registration Policies and Procedures, Student Status and other regulations.