Withdrawals and Deregistration

Considering withdrawing from a course? Connect with Brock Central.

Questions about deregistration?

We can explain the deregistration process – Contact Records

Please click here for the list of courses having Auto-Deregistration. (Coming Soon)

Drops, withdrawals and refunds

You can drop or add classes yourself while the registration system is open (see registration open dates) through the portal.

Once classes are in full swing, you can still withdraw from a class until the last date to withdraw without academic penalty which varies by duration. After that date, you will receive a grade in the course. If you would like to withdraw from a class or add a class after the registration system has closed, please follow the process below:

How to add or withdraw from a course:

1. Adding a course after the registration system has closed 
Complete the online fillable course add form accessible through our website. Email the completed to records@brocku.ca. Form available at:
Note: Course adds must be signed and dated by the course instructor prior to sending the form to Records.

2. Withdrawing from a course after the registration system has closed
Students can withdraw from courses online via the student portal at my.brocku.ca. For step by step instructions on the withdrawal process through he portal please visit:

***Please note: Paper forms will no longer be accepted.

Please visit the Withdrawal Dates webpage for further information pertaining to applicable dates.

For further information regarding applicable withdrawal dates

There can be financial implications for changing registration. All financial information on dropping course, withdrawals and refunds can be found by visiting the Student Accounts and Financial Aid webpage.

Deregistration —
Undergraduate students

While you’re registering for your courses, it is possible to add a course for which you don’t have the proper prerequisites. We want to keep these courses open to students that have the correct prerequisites, so we perform nightly rounds of automatic deregistration.

During the registration periods for Fall/Winter, courses that are on the Automatic Deregistration list, when Brock University prerequisites are not met, will be dropped nightly:

Students who have earned all their credits at Brock and who do not have the specific Brock University prerequisites as stated in the current Undergraduate Calendar will be deregistered from those courses specified by the Department/Centre. This means that the following students will require overrides in order to stay registered in the Fall/Winter Automatic Deregistration List courses:

  • students who have been granted exemption or substitution from the prerequisite course.
  • students who have been given verbal permission.
  • students with unspecified Letter of Permission credits.
  • students who are visiting Brock University on a Letter of Permission.
  • students who have not been admitted directly from high school with a grade 12 or 4U/M prerequisite course.

*For students who are registered in and have not yet completed the prerequisite course(s) from a previous session/term:

  • “Registered” will display on the student’s Course Marks and Inquiry page;
  • “R” will display on the class list beside the student’s name;
  • and will not be subject to automatic deregistration until a final grade is processed.

This includes:

  • No grade
  • Incomplete (IN)
  • In Progress (IP)
  • Not Reported (NR)
  • Deferred Examination (SP)