Undergraduate Registration

Watch our course registration tutorial and check out our FAQ page!

How to register

Step 1: Review program requirements

First things first, know your program. Your program of study is listed on your offer of admission.

Visit the current Undergraduate Calendar and select your program from the Table of Contents.

Click the link for your program of study and take a look at the requirements.

Step 2: Design your timetable

Use the Undergraduate Calendar to prepare a list of courses you wish to take. Determine when courses are offered and avoid conflicts by viewing the online timetable.

Before you jump into the course registration system, you’ll probably want to figure out how all your courses will fit together. Here are some worksheets to help you along the way.

PDF Documents

  • Plan your required courses into your schedule first, then context courses, and finally electives.
  • A full course load means you’ll have 3-5 courses each term.
  • Classes may be booked back-to-back (there is typically a 10 minute break between classes) but remember to consider the class locations!
    Not sure about travel time between classes? Check out a campus map.
  • Try not to leave big gaps in your schedule, but also be wary of large blocks of classes grouped together.
  • Classes fill up quickly, have a back-up plan!

Remember! Many lectures are accompanied by a seminar, lab or tutorial, so be sure to include all components in your schedule.


Remember to plan your schedule for both terms. Some courses will span both terms, and others will be offered in either the Fall or Winter terms.

  • D1 courses: Fall/Winter
  • D2 courses: Fall only
  • D3 courses: Winter only

Step 3: Log in to my.brocku.ca and register for your courses

Make sure you have your Campus ID and password handy when registering. You should also ensure that you have activated your my.brocku.ca portal at least 24 hours in advance.

Now that you’ve done all your prep work, it’s time to actually register for your courses. Log in to your portal at my.brocku.ca.

On the Applicant and Student Self Serve tab, click on Register in the menu on the left side.

The Student Self Serve page on my.brocku.ca with the Register link highlighted.

Select the correct Program/Session, and complete your Declaration Form.

Type in a course name and a course number (ex. ECON 1P92) and click Go to view available course offerings.

The course registration screen with the course code, number and Go button highlighted.

The ‘+’ symbol next to the course name and number indicates that there is a secondary component (ie. seminar, tutorial, lab). Select the ‘+’ to view available options.

If a lecture has a secondary component (seminar, tutorial, lab, etc.), make sure to select the lecture and secondary component that you chose on your printed planning worksheets. To formally add this desired lecture and secondary component after you have clicked the ‘+’ sign to show all secondary options, click the “Add” button beside the available secondary section of your choosing. Upon doing so, you will be formally added to both the course and its associated secondary component.

All components will now appear in your list of registered courses.

The registration screen with the secondary component selection panel highlighted.

When you are finished making your schedule, you can check for any conflicts by clicking on Student Schedule.

Courses fill up fast. Refer to Course Planning to monitor available space in a course.

Frequently asked questions

For all important dates, including when registration will open and close, please refer to the Important Dates page.

You may add, drop or change courses via the web only up to the registration close dates for each session.

After the online registration close dates, changes to registration must be done via an Add/Withdrawal Form from the Office of the Registrar.

How to add or withdraw from a course:

1. Adding a course after the registration system has closed 
Complete the online fillable course add form accessible through our website. Email the completed form to records@brocku.ca. Form available at:
Note: Course adds must be signed and dated by the course instructor prior to sending the form to Records.

2. Withdrawing from a course after the registration system has closed
Students can withdraw from courses online via the student portal at my.brocku.ca. For step-by-step instructions on the withdrawal process through the portal please visit:

Please note: Paper forms will no longer be accepted.

More information on the withdrawal and deregistration process can be found at:


Financial implications regarding drops, withdrawals and refunds can be found on the Student Accounts website.

All information on tuition and payment of fees can be found on the Student Accounts and Financial Aid website.

Your Student Self Serve page on my.brocku.ca is for more than just registration. New functions are added from time to time, so be sure to check out the other services that the system has to offer:

View or Update Address Information

You can update your mailing address through this screen, however you must contact the Registrar’s Office in writing to change your permanent address.

View All Courses and Marks

By accessing this option you may view all courses you have registered in or taken at Brock and their grades (up to the current session). Students with overdue fees will be prevented from viewing grades and accessing academic transcripts.

Fall Grades

This screen will display marks for D2 courses of the current year.

Financial Account History

You may access your financial account details with the University. Typically course changes are reflected under this screen within one business day.

Course Locations and Times

Displays your schedule for the duration.

Set/Change Computer Accounts Password

With this function, you can change your Sakai, Badger Email, and computer lab passwords. You should set up your computer accounts after you have registered for the first time, so that you have computer access available when you get to campus. Note that all three passwords are changed when you use this function.

View Current Course Marks

You can pull up your marks for the courses you’re currently studying. This feature helps track your progress throughout the duration of the course.

Please refer to the Contact page for more information.

Note: Undergraduate students cannot register themselves online for a graduate course. Please consult with an academic advisor within your undergrad program before pursuing registration in a graduate course.

  1. Complete the manual graduate studies course registration form found here: https://brocku.ca/graduate-studies/student-resources/forms/
    Ensure the form is signed by Graduate Program Director of the Graduate Program and the course instructor, and that course is marked as Extra or Audit if appropriate.
  2. Submit the form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for processing.