Diane P. Dupont

Professor, Economics


Office: Plaza 441
905-688-5550 x3129


Ph.D. (Economics), The University of British Columbia, 1988
Fields: Environmental and Natural Resources and Public Finance

Research Interests 

Non-market valuation, Environmental Economics, Fisheries Economics

Fellow (Inaugural) of The Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Association/Association canadienne d’économie des ressources naturelles et de l’environnement (CREEA | ACERE), 2020

Brock University Distinguished Research and Creative Activity Award, 2012

Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence, Brock University, 2006-2009

2017-2019 Guest Editor, Special Issue of Water Economics and Policy

2012-2018 Associate Editor, Water Resources and Economics

2011-2017 Associate Editor, Canadian Water Resources Journal

2011-2016 Associate Editor, Water Resources Research

2010-2013 Associate Editor, Society and Natural Resources

2007-2010 Associate Editor, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Member, North American Association of Fisheries Economists, 2011-2015

Elected Researcher Member, Canadian Water Network Board of Directors, 2010-2012

Member, North American Association of Fisheries Economists, 2003-2007

Member and Chair (2008-2009) of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Worldfish Centre, Penang, Malaysia, 2007-2009


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Journal Articles

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