COSC Students doing great in the International Collegiate Programming Contest

Several students from Brock Computer Science recently took part in the East-Central North America Regionals of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (, competing against teams from Ontario, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Congratulations to all of our teams for their strong showing in this competition: Brock Badgers (Joel Gritter, Kindeep Kargil, and Aditya Rajyaguru), Golden Badgers (Quinn Flavel, Rikveet Hayer and Joel Liju Jacob), and Honey Badgers (Muttaz Fattal, Sam Langdon, and Brandon Wanji Wanmeni).

COSC would like to proudly recognize the students’ time and efforts to prepare for the contest, representing Brock University and the Department of Computer Science.

Due to their high placement, the Golden Badgers have advanced to the North America Division Championships to be held on April 22nd, where they will compete against other high-placing teams from other regions of North America. This is a huge achievement for this team. Best of luck!