Shai Olansky

picture of male in front of mountains

Master of Applied Health Sciences

Program Entry Date: 2018

What is your current status in the program? I have graduated from the program.

Supervisor Name Dr. Panagiota (Nota) Klentrou, Co-supervisor: Dr. Andrea Josse

After graduating with a Bachelor of Physical Education, my curiosity about the human body continued to grow. During this time, there were not many options available for me to further my education in Israel. Therefore, I started to look for opportunities out of my country. Brock University was exactly what I was looking for. The research options were very wide, and at the same time, I was able to build up my experience in the strength and conditioning world as an intern with Brock Sports Performance.

Looking back to my time at Brock, I think the biggest piece of advice that I can share is to remember that your time spent in university is not all about getting the certificate. The people you connect with along the way are just as important. Make sure to volunteer and build up the experience in the fields you are interested. It definitely made a lot of difference for me. Being an intern with Brock Sports Performance and connecting with other students played a major role when applying for my current position. Another piece of advice that I would like to share, especially with graduate students, is coming prepared. Chose your program for a reason and not just because you can, and “why not”. Having a reason for taking a specific program will serve as the fuel you will need to get you going. Do it because you know this is a requirement for a job you want to get, do it because you want to research an area you are very passionate about. Knowing why you are doing your MSc will change all your perspectives about your journey as a student.

Being a graduate student is a lot of fun, for sure. However, there are challenging times when you will feel the stress. My biggest challenge as an international student was to do it all using my second language. Luckily enough, I was surrounded by great people. My supervisor Dr. Panagiota (Nota) Klentrou, and co-supervisor, Dr. Andrea Josse was always there for me. Likewise, other students were always happy to help me. Do not hesitate to reach out for help. Asking for help is not a weakness, and it is part of the game of being a student.

I came to Canada to chase a dream, I wanted to become a professional in the strength and conditioning world. I came to Canada to learn things that are not available in my country. Graduating with MSc at Brock University served as the first step in chasing my dream. The combination of research and education combined with the practical experience during my time as an intern with Brock Sports Performance while learning from the best coaches in the field of strength and conditioning, such as Steve Lidstone, set me up for my next step in fulfilling my dream. At the moment, I am packing up all my things for my next adventure, moving to a new location to serve as a manager of high-performance training. This opportunity was not available to me without the education and connections I made during my time as a student at Brock University.