Putri Sukmantari

M.Ed ISP in Teaching Learning Development

Research Adviser: Dr. Sally Hooper

Program Entry Date: July 2018

My research is a narrative to explore a life-long practice in Indonesia’s social and education context. The practice of kissing the hand of the elderly and teachers, which I have done my entire life and now I am viewing it as a sign of oppression. This is called ‘salim’. There is not an English word for it. The recent emerging cases of student who hit teacher was my wake up call to want to study this. This is a transformative journey of myself as once the oppressed, then the oppressor, and is now moving towards liberation. This study focuses on theories of Paolo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Transformative Learning (Jack Mezirow).

 What made you choose Brock?

I wanted to study about education in a broader sense. All the critical theories and researches that I was not familiar with. The Master of Education in Brock gives that wide range of courses.

What have you learned in your graduate education that you would share with future or current students?

The courses are about you: about how you reflect on the theory back to your own experiences and learning. Writing reflections may be daunting to some people, but it really helps understanding yourself, the theories, and where you are going.

What were the best parts of your experience at Brock? Why?

The relationships you build with the professors! They are really open for discussion, not correcting when you are wrong, but instead letting you discover for yourself.

How is being a graduate student different from being an undergraduate student?

The graduate student experience is about your own discovery. The writing assignments are a lot, and you are taught to understand beyond your expectations.

What would you do differently if you could do it over again?

I would come sooner.

Do you feel your degree has prepared you for your plans academically and otherwise?

Yes. In less than 6 months I have changed my way of thinking, and critically examined things differently. I have come to know myself more as a learner and an educator. I am certain this would help me in developing better ways of thinking for teachers in Indonesia.

What are your next steps?

I have always know that I wanted to continue to PhD, however I am discovering new areas of interest while I am here: social justice education.