Lan Vu


Program entry date: Summer 2018

Research Topic

My research interest is about fairness and equity among races, genders and children protection. I am currently research about how to use digital technology and social media to promote collaboration effort in language learning (especially English) for the developing world.

What made you choose Brock?

I formerly worked for Niagara College and had visited Niagara Region for a couple of time and fell in love with this region. Then when I decided to pursuit a higher degree that would contribute to my career development in Education, I chose Brock for its reputation in the field of Education, and for my personal interest in the place where Brock is located.

What have you learned in your graduate education that you would share with future or current students?

My graduate education is a unique, interesting and useful journey. I have grown so much in both academic and personal traits. My graduate education has helped build my critical thinking, team work skills, collaboration and global citizen mindset.

What are your tips for thriving in grad school?

As an international student, equip yourself with the best English possible. I had my Bachelor of Business in English and had been teaching English for a long time, so English is not my problem. However, many of my peers have issues with understanding the lectures and doing assignments and it takes them much more time to study.

What were the best parts of your experience at Brock? Why?

The best part of my experience at Brock is that the university provides many opportunities for students to get the find their best potential. I have had many chances to develop myself and show what I can do to future employers. Currently I am the student assistant working in the International Programs of the Faculty of Education. My study also gives me an exciting opportunity to take part in the Internship course organized by the collaboration between Brock University, Niagara College and United Nations. The Internship course even addresses more one can do to be a global citizen.