Dr. Diane R. Collier

Associate Professor (PhD), Department of Educational Studies

Available for Graduate Advisement.

Photo of Dr. Diane Collier

St. Catharines, ON
Office: WH364
905 688 5550 x6146

Dr. Collier conducts research in the areas of multimodalities and literacies with a special interest in connections across home and school.

Using qualitative, visual, and ethnographic methodologies her work focuses on the processes of multimodal textmaking, how children use everyday resources (particularly, images), and what can be learned from children about their consumption and production of multimodal, cultural, and digital texts.

Her research interests also include ethical considerations of children’s participation in research, teaching for social justice, and the use of children’s literature in classrooms.

  • PJ Language EDBE 8P34
  • PJ Language EDBE 8P42
  • EDUC 5P92 – Introduction to Research Methods
  • EDUC 5P09 – Theories of Literacy
  • EDUC 5V14 – 21st Century Literacies