Tech Ed students back in the classroom

January 2017 marks the beginning, or rather the return, of the Faculty of Education’s Technological Teacher Education Program.

The program went through a temporary hiatus while curriculum updates were inserted and a targeted group of students were identified.

“Our goal was to build a successful and sustainable program,” said Steven Khan, program coordinator. “[We want it to] help in the formation of Technological Education Teachers who are able to positively impact on students’ learning and to meet the demand for such teachers in the Province and elsewhere

In addition to alterations to ensure the program is consistent and current, emphasis has been placed on providing candidates the ability and freedom to participate in the program while limiting the number of in-person classes.

Students will benefit from more online courses and sessions delivered through Brock’s Learning Management System, Sakai, allowing them to continue their day-to-day careers during the program’s four-month study period, something that has proven to be of critical importance to those working in the trades.

“We are hopeful that participants will appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into bringing a stellar team of instructors and advisers together with many years and varied experience in Technological Education to guide them through this process of becoming a teacher in today’s classroom,” said Khan. “From our other programs we know that they are going to find it extremely challenging and we hope that, like our other programs, they will all find it a rewarding and enriching growth experience.”

The increased integration of Technological Teacher Education with other Teacher Education programs will benefit not only the future of Tech Ed, as candidates bring a great amount of knowledge and experience in fields like science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, but also prospective middle-school teachers who will have a chance to learn from those experiences as well.

Khan offered his thanks to those who worked on the program before its hiatus saying that, “the new Technological Teacher Education program owes debts of gratitude to Bob Moulton, who served as the previous Program Coordinator, and Dr. Tony DiPetta. Both were responsible for the work in researching, designing and promoting the new program and providing leadership in the previous program as well as during this transition to the revised program”.

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