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Presented at the Annual Meeting for the Society for Psychophysiological Research

Stefon J.R. van Noordt & Sidney J. Segalowitz. Error-related brain potentials are associated with transient increases in spectral power & phase alignment of on-going EEG oscillations.

Meghan J. Weissflog, Sidney J. Segalowitz & Jane Dywan. Manipulation of spatial attention delays electrophysiological indices of early visual processing of emotional faces.

Xin Zheng & Sidney J. Segalowitz. The N170 face inversion effect is both face-specific and domain-general separate amplitude and latency effects.

Lesley J. Capuana, Raechelle M. Gibson, William J. Tays, Sidney J. Segalowitz, & Jane Dywan. Performance monitoring and accuracy of response.

James A. Desjardins & Sidney J. Segalowitz. Time course and robustness of the N170 face effect at the scalp and in independent components: Separating the N170 and P100 face effects.

Angela Dzyundzyak, Mary H. MacLean, & sidney J. Segalowitz. Influence of reward information on anticipatory processes: CNV and alpha event-related desynchrony study.

Christine L. Lackner, William Marshall, Diane Santesso, & Sidney J. Segalowitz. Phase reset variables are differentially associated with anxiety and aggression in a typically developing adolescent sample.






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