Stanley Sadava

Professor, Ph.D. (Colorado)

Office: MC B323
905-688-5550 x3462

As a social psychologist, I have been conducting research on subjective health and health-related behaviours and problems in non-clinical and clinical populations. Our method of investigation is intensive questionnaire measurements within multivariate designs. We have several extensive data sets in hand or in progress: a three-year graduating follow-up of a first-year “double cohort” students, a longitudinal follow-up of graduating students, a sample of clients at an addiction treatment agency, a WEB-based sample of people with chronic health problems, and a sample of couples Our work tests multiple-path models of problem drinking and subjective health within the framework of adult attachment theory. Here are some of the areas of recent interests and publication: 1) How adult attachment orientations, and related concepts such as social support and loneliness may contribute to health status and health behaviours, including problem drinking. 2) Studies of subjective well-being, the interplay among life satisfaction, positive and negative affect; 3) The impact of unemployment and underemployment amongst young adults on their health and on health-related behaviours such as problem drinking; 4) a two-dimensional structural model of problem drinking in which patterns of drinking behaviour and alcohol-related problems are conceived as related but distinct dimensions. This enables us to investigate why drinkers with similar patterns of consumption experience varying levels of adverse consequences as a result of their drinking; As co-author of the only Canadian-authored textbook in social psychology, I also have a general interest in the Canadian context of social psychology.

Social psychology of health

  • relationship intimacy, attachment orientations and health
  • health related behaviours, determinants and outcomes
  • vulnerability to alcohol problems
  • influence of employment & relationship problems

Social psychology topics

  • relationship problems: loneliness, attachment
  • Canadian context of social psychology
  • positive psychology, particularly in health and wellbeing

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