Congratulations to the 2013 OGS award recipients

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Congratulations to the 2013 OGS award recipients

Master's awards

Jennifer Adoranti, Business Administration

Jasmine Bender, Psychology

Jacqueline Beres, Education

Colin Bissell, History

Mark Billing, Political Science

Sean Brown, Business Administration

Allan Campopiano, Psychology

Laura Castelli, Applied Health Sciences

Victoria Della Cioppa, Child and Youth Studies

David Farag, Classics

Ann Farrell, Child and Youth Studies

Mohammad Goodarzi, Computer Science

Kyle Harrison, Computer Science

James Hughes, Computer Science

Laura Ip, Social Justice and Equity Studies

Lauren Ireland, Applied Disability Studies

Naomi Johnson, Applied Disability Studies

Kevin MacDonald, Psychology

Lucas Maddalena, Biological Sciences

Jessica McGuire, Applied Health Sciences

Travis McKay, Critical Sociology

James Medway, Education

Tabitha Methot, Psychology

Justyne Mottola, Mathematics & Statistics

Matthew Nikitczuk, Earth Sciences

Rachel Nottrodt, Biological Sciences

Ferdinand Reimmer, Applied Disability Studies

Sean Robb, Psychology

Jeff Scull, Applied Health Sciences

Jonathan Simone, Biological Sciences

Zipparah Stephenson, Social Justice and Equity Studies

Rosemary Tamburini, Applied Disability Studies

Lauren Torok, Applied Health Sciences

Natalie Trojanowski, Applied Health Sciences

Kaleb Wagner, Earth Sciences


Doctoral awards

Paul Adachi, Psychology

Jan Bosak, Biotechnology

Katia Ciampa, Education

Lara Green, Applied Health Sciences

Chloe Hamza, Psychology

Geoffrey Hartley, Applied Health Sciences

Christine Lackner, Psychology

Laura Lane, Education

Ewelina Niemczyk, Education

Lindsey Short, Psychology

Rebecca Zak, Education