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  1. When do classes start?
  2. Who can apply?
  3. What if I already have a university degree?
  4. What if I have a college diploma or have taken a few courses at the post-secondary level?
  5. What if I have never taken courses at college or university?
  6. What if I just want a certificate?
  7. What are the five core courses in Adult Education?
  8. What are the available electives?
  9. Can I receive the Ontario Teacher's Certificate (OTC) as a result of taking this Bachelor of Education in Adult Education program?
  10. What are the fees and are they tax deductible?
  11. How do I apply?
  12. Can I transfer credits from another university?
  13. What if I am thinking about pursuing a master’s program after completing the BEd in Adult Education?


When do classes start?

Fall session courses will run from September through the beginning of December, winter classes run January to April, spring classes run April to July. There is one elective, ADED 1P31 — Learning for Success
, offered in the summer semester from mid July to the end of August. 
For registration information and further details, please refer to the timetable at Adult Education Guide Links.
The program invites applications from anyone working or aspiring to work with adults in teaching/learning environments including health care, social services, human resources, business, industry or formal academic settings. For more information see Admissions Information above.
If you currently hold an undergraduate degree and are interested in the BEd in Adult Education as a second degree, you will likely only need to complete the 5 core courses in Adult Education. Please see information under Program Descriptions above.
To complete your BEd as a first degree, you will need to complete 15 credits (72 hours per credit). The 5 core courses in Adult Education, and 10 undergraduate courses to a total of 15, depending upon how many advanced standing credits are awarded based on an evaluation of your transcripts of college and university courses to date. Please note: candidates cannot be currently registered in another certificate, degree or diploma program.
Additional required undergraduate courses may be taken at Brock or at other universities with the expressed prior approval of the Office of the Registrar at Brock. In the event where you are considering courses at another institution, please consult the Adult Education Guide Links regarding a "Letter of Permission."
Congratulations on pursuing higher education! You will need to complete 15 credits as described above to be awarded your BEd in Adult Education.
You could choose to complete only the 5 courses in Adult Education and receive a certificate in Adult Education.
ADED 4F31 - Foundations of Adult Education
ADED 4F32 - Facilitation of Adult Learning Pedagogies
ADED 4F33 - Curriculum Design for Adult Learners
ADED 4F34 - Work and Learning in Organizations
ADED 4F35 - Research and Critical Reflection in Adult Education 
ADED 1P31 — Learning for Success

ADED 1P33 — Scholarly Writing for Adult Learners 

ADED 3P22 — Adult Learning Disabilities 

ADED 4P91 — Power, Practice and Process in Learning 

ADED 4P93 — Adult Education in the Global Context 

ADED 4P94 — Evaluating Learning 

ADED 4P95 — Evaluating Adult Education Programs 

ADED 4P96 — Introduction to Leadership Theory in Adult Learning 

ADED 4P97 — Application of Leadership Theory in Adult Learning 

Please note elective courses are offered at a limited number of course venues only. Courses may also be offered online. All electives are half-credit courses. See Undergraduate Calendar descriptions of elective courses. In order to view what is being offered in the current registration period visit the timetable.
No, this program does not lead to teaching certification. The OTC is obtained by attending a Faculty of Education for the full-time, one-year (September to April) program, and the certification is for elementary and secondary panels. This program is designed for those who wish to or already teach in an adult education context and who want a firm grounding in the theory and practices of adult education.
Each full credit course is approximately $1184 (Canadian) for all students. This fee is applicable to all full credit Adult Education courses and is subject to change. All other Brock courses will be at the standard rate for undergraduate courses. You should also budget approximately $250 for course text and materials per course. You may be eligible for OSAP funding. Tuition fees for the Brock courses are tax deductible. See Payment of Fees.  
Follow this link to the Adult Education Guide Links
Brock allows the transfer of up to 10 credits from accredited universities. The number of credits which can be transferred will be determined by the Registrar's Office. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for further information.
There is no guarantee of admission to graduate studies which can be offered to a candidate upon completion of the BEd in Adult Education. Each university has different policies governing its admissions procedures, so it is the applicant's responsibility to investigate each institution directly. If you would like further information regarding the MEd at Brock, please visit the Graduate Education page or contact med@brocku.ca or call 905 688 5550 x3340.


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