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  • (Dis)tributaries: Synthesizing Identity through Image, Text, and Sound- Studies in Comparative Literatures and Arts Colloquium 2018

    MARCH 23, 2018

    Brock University’s Studies in Comparative Literature and Arts MA program presents their annual graduate student colloquium.

    The keynote speaker is Dr. Caitlin Fisher (Faculty of Fine Arts, York University).

    The Official Schedule for the 2018 Annual SCLA Colloquium: “(Dis)tributaries: Synthesizing Identity Through Image, Text & Sound”, is as follows:

    11:00 – 11:10 Opening Remarks.
    11:15 – 11:35 Camilla Mugan with “Speaking Silence: The Authentic Female Voice”.
    11:40 – 12:00 Tyler Adair with “The Politics of May 68 in Contemporary French Cinema”.
    12:05 – 12:25 Sarah Revilla with “(De)mystifying Manhood in Mexico: The Meaning of Macho”
    12:50 – 12:45 Lunch Break, a light buffet style lunch is provided.
    13.25 – 13:45 Amy Barlow with “Manufacturing Terrorists: French Media and The Banlieue.”
    13:50 – 14:10 Kirstin Bews with “Clash of the Tartans: The Power Relations of Highlandism in Celtic Punk Rock.”
    14:15 – 14:35 Zach Rondinelli with “More Than Words And Pictures: Spatial Modality in Graphica & Its Impact on Literacy.”
    14:40 – 14:55 Panel
    15:00 – 15:15 Break
    15:20 – 16:50 Keynote, Dr. Caitlin Fisher with “Forking Paths, Simultaneous Timelines and River Monsters: Stories Hypermedia and Spatial Narratives Tell About Identities.”
    16: 55 – 17:10 Closing Remarks

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  • Expressions of Today / Expressions d’aujourd’hui

    Students in Studies in Arts and Culture as well as in French Studies explore contemporary expressions in art and literature.

    Des étudiants en Etudes en français et en Studies in Arts and Culture explorent des expressions contemporaines dans l’art et la littérature.

    Thursday 8 March 2018
    6:00-8:00 pm

    Jeudi 8 mars 2018
    6h-8h en soirée

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  • 7th International Conference on Image and Imagery

    The 7th International Conference on Image and Imagery will be held on October 10 and 11, 2018.

    The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2018.

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  • Spectacle 2018

    The Brock University French club hosted their annual Spectacle event, a bilingual concert featuring French and English music and poetry from both Brock’s French Club and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures department.

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  • Black History Month at Brock to focus on African women in history

    Brock University will mark Black History Month with a series of community events, including several meant to shine light on the contributions of African women in history.

    Displays, interactive workshops, panel discussions and film screenings — many of them open to the public — will take place throughout February, both on and off campus.

    Read the full story in the  Brock News

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  • Public Lecture in French and English by Canadian Author/Artist Daniel H. Dugas

    Canadian author/artist Daniel H. Dugas delivered two public lectures.

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  • Brock to host migrant worker forum

    Experiences of migrant workers will be the focus of an upcoming forum at Brock.

    The Niagara Forum on Migrant Worker Issues will take place on campus Sunday, Dec. 3.

    The daylong event will bring together members of the community, including those directly impacted, to discuss strategies to enhance and support advocacy for the rights of migrant workers.

    Read full article on the Brock News.

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  • Bilingual exhibition to shed light on Material Girls

    A new Rodman Hall exhibition aims to help visitors experience Material Girls in a new way.

    Colour Constructs/Constructions en couleurs, opening at the downtown St. Catharines art centre Thursday, Nov. 30, features works by students in Brock’s Visual Arts (VISA), Studies in Arts and Culture (STAC) and French Studies (FREN) programs.

    Read full article in the Brock News

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  • Samedi 11 novembre (de 2 à 3h de l’après-midi) : visite en français de Rodman Hall

    Ce samedi 11 novembre, de 2 h à 3 h de l’après-midi, aura lieu la visite en français de l’exposition “Material Girls” à Rodman Hall.

    Pour vous rendre à Rodman Hall, veuillez consulter Le parking et la visite sont gratuits.

    A bientôt

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  • The Mestizo’s Indigenous Mother in the Comentarios reales and the Petitionary Record

    Professor Felipe Ruan delivered the invited lecture The Mestizo’s Indigenous Mother in the Comentarios reales and the Petitionary Record, at the Department of Romance Studies, Cornell University, on October 30, 2017.

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