Astrid Heyer

Assistant Professor

905 688 5550 x5406
Office: GLNA-264

State Examination French/English Free University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Ph.D. French Literature University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

My main area of interest focusses on the fictional works of Georges Bernanos, in particular the author’s depiction of women.  Lately, I have also become interested in the Catholic writer’s representation of suicide.   I am extending my comparative studies on the suicide theme in Georges Bernanos’ fictional writings as well as Stefan Zweig’s literary œuvre.

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  • FREN 1F00 (Introductory French I)
  • FREN 1F50 (Introductory French II)
  • FREN 1F90 (Intermediate French)
  • FREN 2F00 (Grammar and Composition)
  • FREN 3P03 (Composition and Stylistics)