Why Brock?

“Brock was invaluable in my professional development as an academic and provided an environment where I was free to pursue my interests while being challenged to grow and develop a research method of my own.”

— Josh Dawson, SCLA Graduate

The MA program in Studies in Comparative Literatures and Arts exposes students to a wide range of creative expressions from a diversity of fields. SCLA students work with a thoughtful and dedicated community of scholars and artists. At the beginning of their studies, they are granted Graduate Student Affiliation with the Research Centre in Interdisciplinary Arts and Creative Culture at the Marilyn I. Walker School in Fine and Performing arts. Thanks to this affiliation, students are encouraged to have their best (scholarly, creative, literary) work published and/or exhibited. They are also encouraged to apply for Graduate Student Affiliation with the Humanities Research Institute. Throughout the year, SCLA introduces students to cultural events, conferences, and creative opportunities that generate a compelling intellectual community. SCLA is an ideal venue for emerging researchers, thinkers, and creatives to experience professional academic collegiality and further their intellectual and creative development.