SCLA Faculty

Graduate supervision of theses and of major research papers is determined in conjunction with the Graduate Program Director over the course of the program. Please contact Catherine Parayre, the Graduate Program Director, for more information. The individuals below are regular supervisors for the program.

Greg Betts
Professor, Chancellor’s Chair of Research Excellence
English Language & Literature
905 688 5550 x5318
Research Interests: Canadian Experimental and Avant-Garde Literature

Leslie Boldt
Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
905 688 5550 x3312
Research Interests: Surrealism; Expressionism; 20th Century French Literature; French film; The unspeakable/inexpressible in literature.

Natalee Caple
Assistant Professor
English Language & Literature
905 688 5550 x3155
Research Interests: Creative Writing; Fiction; The Contemporary Western in Literature and Film; Feminist Theory; Canadian Literature; Canadian Drama

Alex Christie
Assistant Professor
Digital Prototyping, Centre for Digital Humanities
905 688 5550 x3217
Research Interests: Modernist Studies; Digital Humanities; Digital Prototyping; 3D Geospatial Expression; Scholarly Communication; Book History; Virtual/Augmented Reality; Interactive Reading And Multimodal Writing; Digital Humanities Pedagogy

Tim Conley
English Language and Literature
905 688 5550 x5196
Research Interests: International Modernism; Literary theory; Poetics; Translation; Literature and cognition; Contemporary fiction and poetry.

Ronald Cummings
Assistant Professor
English Language and Literature
905 688 5550 x3739
Research Interests: Caribbean Studies; Postcolonial Studies; The Black Atlantic; Queer Theory; Critical Race Studies; Slavery and Marronage; Gender Studies; Masculinities; Security Studies.

David Fancy
Associate Professor
Dramatic Arts
905 688 5550 x3584
Research interests: Performance; Performativity; Immanentist thought; Deleuze and Guattari; Theatre Creation

Tamara El-Hoss
Associate Professor
Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures
905 688 5550 x5212
Research interests: (De)Colonial History and Politics; Graphic Novels and Bande Dessinée; (Im)Migrant Narratives and Identity; Gender Roles; Trauma; Diaspora; Queer Identity and Alterity

Amy Friend
Assistant Professor
Visual Arts
905 688 5550 x4656
Research Interests: Contemporary Art; Studio Practices; Photography; Photo History; Art And Society; Interdisciplinary Arts; Curatorial Studies; Site-Specific Art; Art and Education

Derek Knight
Associate Professor
Visual Arts
905 688 5550 x3754
Research Interests: Contemporary Art and Theory; Conceptual; Land Or Environmental Art; Public Art; Landscape Genres; Post-War Photography; Urban Architecture; Edge City and Post-Industrial Spaces; Curatorial Practice and The Biennial Phenomenon; The Art Object in Representation

Peter Lester
Assistant Professor
Communication, Popular Culture and Film
905 688 5550 x3822
Research Interests: Canadian Cinema; Film History; Film Technology; Exhibition Studies; Early Hollywood

Nigel Lezama
Assistant Professor
Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
905 688 5550 x5688
Research Interests: Critical Fashion & Luxury; 19th-Century French Literature & Culture; Baudelaire & Modernity; Consumer Culture; Popular Literature

Mathew R. Martin
Professor, Interim Graduate Program Director
English Language & Literature
905 688 5550 x3889
Research Interests: Early Modern; English Literature

Bohdan Nebesio
Associate Professor
Communication, Popular Culture and Film
905 688 5550 x5211
Research Interests: Slavic Literatures and Cultures (Ukrainian; Polish; Russian); Slavic Folklore; National Cinemas of Eastern Europe; Narratology; Formalist Theory; Cognitive Approaches to the Arts

Catherine Parayre
Associate Professor
Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures / Studies in Arts and Culture
Research interests: Visual Arts; Curating; Text and Image; Contemporary Occitan Literature; Literature and Visual Arts in Disability Studies; Comparative Literature; Franco-Canadian Literatures

Brian E. Power
905 688 5550 x4306
Research Interests: Medieval and Renaissance Music History and Theory; Music and the Catholic Church pre-1600; Musical manuscripts; their notation and transmission in 15th-century Europe; Canadian Classical Music

Cristina Santos
Associate Professor and Cross-appointed to Dept. of Communications, Popular Culture, and Film (Faculty of Social Sciences)
905 688 5550 x4498
Research Interests: Gender and Sexuality Studies; Feminist Theory; Monster Theory; Re-Writing of Fairy Tales; Contemporary Women Writers; Testimony and Social Justice/Human Rights; Im/Migrant Subjects; Comparative Literature and Film

Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas
Associate Professor
905 688 5550 x5145