Carmela Colella

Associate Professor, Chair
Italian Studies Program Coordinator

905 688 5550 x3302

BSc – University of Toronto
MA – University of Toronto
PhD – University of Toronto

My research interests include: foreign language teaching and learning, use of technology in the Humanities for scholarship and language pedagogy, and 19th century Italy.

My current association with and continued work on a database project containing unpublished letters of a 19th century Italian author permits me to explore and better understand the individual, his work, and to re-create the artistic environment of his time.

C. Colella and A. Urbancic. “Caro Babbo Natale: Santa helps to build communicative competence”. Teaching Learning Languages ,  Anthony Mollica (ed.) Welland: Soleil Publishing, 2008. p.473-482.

Casadei, Albert, “Storia del Furioso .” Translated by C. Colella. In Ariosto Today: Contemporary Perspectives , ed M. Ciavolella and R. Fedi. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003.

Colella, Carmela; Marcel Danesi & Angelo Principe (Eds.) Lingua, cultura, ed educazione: Atti di un convegno. Roma: Dimensione europea. 1992.

Translation of the acts of the “La Conferenza Internazionale sul restauro” (Fine Arts, forthcoming)

  • ITAL 1F00 – Introductory Italian
  • ITAL 1F90 – Intermediate Italian
  • ITAL 2F00 – Language Literature and Culture
  • ITAL 2P90 – Translation and Language Practice
  • MLLC 3Q90 – Foreign Languages and Information Technology
  • ITAL 4P04 – Translation: Applications
  • ITAL 4P97 – Teaching Italian Language, Literature and Culture